homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

I love going to our Farmer’s Market. It not only has all sorts of lovely, wonderfully yummy foods to eat but it has all sorts of other handicrafts that are pleasant to admire even when we can’t purchase them.  Another reason I love going to our Farmer’s Market is because it is a feast for the eyes and for the camera.  There are millions of wonderful pictures just waiting to be taken at Farmer’s Markets across North America.  So get out there to your local Farmer’s Markets and support local food growers, feel the community spirit and take some stinkin’ awesome pictures.

Here are a few tips for taking pictures at your local Farmer’s Market.

First, have your ISO set high enough so that you don’t require a flash, if possible. Everything tends to look more pleasing when not drowning in the blazing blare of a flash bulb.  So, if at all possible, leave that flash off.

homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

Second, if you have the option (which most DSLRs do), shoot in Vivid mode. This is a fabulous shooting mode for fruits and veggies and other colorful goodies.

Third, take lots and lots of pictures. Remember, this is the digital era!  You cannot take too many pictures! And if you do, you can always delete duplicates or ones that you don’t like.

homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

Now, I’m going to give you a couple of Photoshop hints for saving out of focus (OOF) pictures. Some pictures can actually be saved even though they are completely out of focus.  Take these poor stranded eggplants for example.  They are lost in nearsighted land.  They are nothing more than several hideous purple blobs on what might as well be Mars.

homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

In Photoshop though we have what are called filters.  So when you are looking at this poor eggplant picture, beginning to despair and praying for the rapture to just come and spare us all, fear not.  Go to your menu bar and hit filter/artistic/watercolor.  You can of course choose other filters.  Watercolor is one of my favorites though so that’s why I chose it.

And Voila!  Your OOF eggplants are now a lovely watercolor image of eggplants, which you have to admit is a pretty good save.

homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

Here I did it again but this time I chose Poster Edges rather than watercolor. Pretty peppers….

homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

Posterized Peppers!

homeschool-bliss Your Farmers Market

Happy photomaking!

And now just for more pictures for no reason whatsoever…


tomato watercolor





Isn’t this puzzle trick cool?  That’s a fun free Photoshop action I found somewhere.








(((sigh))) I love Farmer’s Markets, don’t you?

glass veggies



Have I ever mentioned how much I love taking pictures of peppers.  They are like the most photogenic vegetable ever. (Like totally.)  Don’t you think?  I mean, it takes everything in me to not tell peppers to say cheese whenever I see them.  Har. Har.  Okay, it wasn’t even remotely funny.

3 thoughts on “Farmer's Market

  1. Wow..I wish ours was still open! They usually close up in October around here. We only get them for a few shorts month a year. I wish I was at your local farmers market though. Those peppers look delish!

  2. So fun! You know I love the peppers too, but I must also admit that I am very drawn to your hanging stars. I love the lighting in that one. Well, of course all of the pics are gorgeous – but you know that. 🙂
    Love ya!

  3. hey nancy! thanks for visiting my site…I’m glad candice told you to stop by! your photos are GORGEOUS!!! one of these days i need to learn to use photoshop…i’ll have to keep up on your blog :). candice told me you work for Ree. I’m incredibly jealous…I’ve been reading her blog for a few years now, TOTALLY obsessed with it. I love her! What a fun job!!!

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