You know, there is nothing like exposing your kids to all of the right t.v. and movie characters throughout the generations.


You know, like Wallace and Beaver Cleaver, Gilligan and the gang, The Brady fam, The Jetsons and their Hanna-Barbara ilk.  Nothing will give kids a strong sense of television and movie history and a connectedness with that history like exposing them to the best of the best throughout the decades.  And that’s, you know… like, totally important in the scheme of things.  And in their understanding of the shaping of  modern American culture.


Plus, if you do expose them to all the right old t.v. shows they will come to you and beg you to take their pictures…


because they look just like…


Our Gang… The Li’l Rascals…. You know, Spanky and his pals.

lil rascals2

And if you’re like me you will readily oblige because they are doggone cute when they think they look like characters from a bygone era of entertainment.

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