So many colors at the Farmer’s Market.  Oh, by the way, you probably already guessed that not everything that is sold at our Farmer’s Market is grown locally.  I mean, we have coconuts there…. and avocados.  To be honest I’m not really sure that any of it is more local than what we might get at our grocery store… but it is usually fresher and of better quality, that’s for sure. And of course there are all sorts of things that are not foody at all.  And likely just as unlocal.  But… well… I don’t care.  It’s still fun to photograph.





I love the bokeh (all those gloriously confusing background colors) in this orchid picture.


gerbera daisies



Okay, I really want these.  They are so pretty!!



colored glasses

COLOR!  That is why I love Farmer’s Market!  Color!!  If you go to Farmer’s Market and shoot in black and white you have problems.  Possibly problems at home.  (Sorry, that was a line that my best friend and I made up years ago and it has never left me.)






red bulbs


Wonderful, wonderful.

CFMfrom above

Okay, and when you are at Farmer’s Market you are wont to see other tremendously cute things that you are thereby forced to photograph.  Like super adorable golden retriever puppies named Rufus.  (And Vespa scooters too, but sorry I didn’t get a chance to edit those yet.)



I’m really into my special effect filters right now if you couldn’t already tell.





9 thoughts on “More from Farmer's Market

  1. Love the Farmer’s Market pics.
    Also, it is because of you that I am obsessed with The Dangerous Book For Boys. I bought it for my nephew for Christmas and have had a blast putting together the Essentials Kit to go with it! Thanks!

    Gina’s last blog post..La Clase Divertida Winner!

  2. Just found your blog through your comment on Ree’s site and I just love it! I read all the way back to the beginning of June. (Liked your talk about kids eating veggies. My mom handled food by never letting us know we had a choice. If we were hungry, we’d eat what was on our plates. If you didn’t eat then, you could eat at the next meal. We ate whatever she fixed!) You take the most amazing pictures I have ever seen! How about the recipe for the fried chicken? Your hubby is a doll!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I’ve seen you at Miz Boo’s and Ree’s site but this is my first time at your blog. I love, love, love the photos! I zeroed in when you said you were shooting pics at a market. I’d love to take my camera with me where there is a crowd of people/things to photograph but am afraid of annoying people so I don’t do it….maybe I just might try it though.

    I will be saving your blog as a favorite and I hope to read through it.

    Have a great day.

    Dot O’s last blog post..Back To Reality – Tomorrow

  4. Thanks everyone! I’d like to go back and take more but… well… it would probably just be a lot more peppers. I can’t help it. They’re so dang pretty!

    Gina, I’m glad you’re having so much fun with the gift for your nephew! It is such a fun book. Our boys are obsessed with it!

  5. If I knew your address, oh, and if I had more money, I would totally get you those pretty glasses. They are very cool. I love the glasses that you can find that are clear at the bottom with a blue stripe (not really a stripe, but something like) around the rim. Pretty glasses make a big difference, sometimes.

  6. Hey Nan! Your photographs are beautiful! I especially love the top few ornament photos above the orchid and the photo of the stemware you like. (I would be so tempted to buy those glasses myself. Good thing I wasn’t there.) I had a look around your shop and there are several items I plan to buy–when I’m shopping for myself. Maybe in January. Keep up the good work! Just don’t make it too hard for me to decide when I come back.

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..Down Time

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