Today I went and started a Cafe Press store.  It’s very creatively named:  Life is Like a Lunchbox Store.  I expect it to be an extremely lucrative venture, raking in ones upon ones millions upon millions of dollars worth of profit.

Picture 27

Yup.  I’m gonna be a billionaire soon.  I can feel it.  Economic downturn be danged!  Scoot over The Donald, a new pink tie wearing bad hair billionaire is on the move.  (Minus the pink tie…. and hopefully the bad hair.)  Thanks to you, all of my bazillion readers, I will soon be able to quit my day job and move to Uruguay and retire and do nothing but sip Piña Coladas and watch the money from my Cafe Press store come rolling in.  Don’t you know?  Uruguay is like the new Paris.  Get on over to my store, buy a greeting card and make me wealthy then, okay?  Okay.  Good.

I put a calendar in there as well as several other goodies including mugs, shirts, stationary and magnets.

Picture 28

Best favor you all could do me, seriously now, is to tell me if there was/is ever a picture that you think should be in the store either as a postcard, poster, calendar page, etc.  And I will make it happen.  Go check it out.  I used the same picture for several items largely because I was just starting this and couldn’t remember off the top of my head which pictures I’d always thought needed to be “out there.”  You can remind me of any that you happen to remember.  If any of them are memorable.  And I’d love you forever if you combed my site looking for the best ones and then let me know in an e-mail or a comment.

Picture 26

I realize the prices are not exactly el cheapo.  But what can I say, if you mark them up at all from what they have them selling for at base price with no pictures and no personalization (which why would we want that anyway?) it automatically makes them more expensive than they probably ought to be.  Blame it on Cafe Press for having unreasonable starting prices.  They want to make 9 dollars on every shirt that the designer makes 50¢ on. But don’t pay attention to the prices in the pictures above.  I already went back and changed many of them to be more realistic prices.

3 thoughts on “Just for fun…

  1. Hey, Nan, I just had a thought. Would it be possible to put that flaming trees photo on a mug and offer it in your Cafe Press shop? See, I had this favorite mug with tree silhouettes and the perfect outward curve to the rim. Dd cracked it! I’d replace it, but I bought it at Goodwill and I have not been able to find anything at all similar. That tree print on a mug would be pretty close to perfect–absolutely perfect if they had mugs with that outward curve on the rim. Okay, time to clean the house for fellowship tomorrow. I am completely stalling and wasting time here:o) But I would absolutely buy that mug when I buy the pack of notecards I already have my eye on, maybe even two just in case something should happen to one.

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..MCRD Family Day

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