c sneeze

Maybe it’s because we had a somewhat mild Fall… maybe it’s because I’ve finally decided to become bedfellows with winter… maybe it’s because I haven’t had my boogers freeze upon contact with the world outside my front door yet this season, but whatever the reason I am feeling quite welcoming to Old Man Winter this year.  OH… maybe it’s because it’s December and I don’t mind snow in December… only in February, March, April and May do I really get my nose bent out of shape (more like frostbitten off) about his persistent outwearing of his welcome.  But right now we are loving the snow.

t squint

Did you listen to that song I posted yesterday?  I hope you did.  It’s quintessential to winterful wonderness.  If you didn’t like that one, try this one on for size…

Or for more Theological Christmasful wonderness…

I’m not a Jars of Clay salesperson or anything… just like super duper close personal friends with them. They would know me in a crowd any day. Totally.






I don’t know why but I’m totally lovin’ the Christmas lights on the trees with the snow all about.

Rule #1 about living in a region where snow is common:  Everyone likes eating snow…

c snoweater



br snow eater

Rule #1.5 is of course NEVER EAT YELLOW SNOW. But what I want to know is how do you teach a dog not to eat yellow snow?

For that matter… how do you teach a dog to stop making yellow snow when there are ravenous 3-foot tall snow-eating beasts lurking everywhere?

br pee

I tell you, Bruce loves the snow.  But this is the first thing he always does when he gets out in it.  It’s just in his primitive canine nature to do so.


br underpainting

br poster edges

This is the snow doggy version of a milk moustache…



br watercolor


Rule #2 is:  Never trust your brother near your snow fort.  Never.  Brothers are brutal.  Case in point…

brutal brothers

Rule #3:  Never trust your brother when he’s holding a perfect snowball in his hand… Brothers are notoriously evil and trixie and in league with the devil’s minions.


Rule #4:  Eating too much snow eventually hurts. Buy stock in Chapstick.


Rule #5  Be sure to look super cute when your mom points the camera at you.  There will be extra choco in your hot choc-O-Lait.



And cookies too…



Rule #6 is that kids who build snowmen named after two headed hippie aliens from really well written riotously funny british literature will also get you extra points.

zaphod beeblebrox


But most importantly is Rule #7  Have fun. Okay?




t snoweater

15 thoughts on “More winterful wonderness and 7 Rules that you need to remember…

  1. Gorgeous photography and very entertaining dialogue! I usually dont like a lot of pics, but I think you and Pioneer Woman are the exceptions…Too bad is doesnt snow like that here in my part of the world (N Texas), but I do remember the snow days like it in Indiana, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

    Allie’s last blog post..My Dream Dresses

  2. Hey From Edmonton,
    Great pictures!!
    Thanks for reminding me to buy chapstick….. That face is just how I looked this morning as I waited at the bus stop. I wanted to cry but my tears were frozen.

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Let’s see…love Jars of Clay, love snow, love awesome photography, love a fellow mom that is livin’ and lovin’ with four boys. Hmmmm just found a new favorite blog!!!

    PS…my boys love quirky British literature too!


  4. Thanks ladies!! :^D I had somewhat of a self-control problem yesterday with my digital camera… digital cameras throw caution to the wind. Where 10 years ago we would have been limited to 24 or 36 pictures, now we have a virtual “roll” of 200, 300 or in my case 700 free spaces for pictures… it doesn’t do a lot to help one maintain self control. LOL

    Thanks for comin’ by! I hope you come by often! :^D

  5. The only problem with digital pics is that you need sooooo much memory space. I had to get an external hard drive cause my boys were complaining that all my photos were slowing down ‘their’ computer!

  6. Amazing photos and what a hoot you are!

    I am loving this music….I started it as I scrolled to see the artistic photos and it just set a wonderful mood.

    I had not heard these songs yet. I am going to have to check out that player you used.

    Hummie’s last blog post..How do you navigate?

  7. Josh (14yods) had a crossword puzzle to fill out for one of his classes the other day. One of the clues was something like “the sum of all matter in the universe.” (I know that wasn’t quite it, but danged if I can remember. It was an odd clue, and I have no idea what class it was for.) He started laughing, then told me the clue following it with, “Forty-two fits, Mom!” (Or maybe it was just “42”. I don’t know.) That’s a funny boy there.

    It sure was nice to see he remembered that little tidbit from a book we read over two years ago for our homeschool book club and that reading that book was such a good memory for him. I was hesitant to agree to that selection because I thought it was just garbage and we should probably read something more classic. Josh and Na and I loved that book so much, though. It was very funny but also thought-provoking. It reminded me not to be such a book snob and that good books have been written and are still being written in our day. It was especially nice, too, because this was my child that struggled to read, had to have vision therapy, and who I wondered whether he would ever learn to *tolerate* reading. He *loves* reading now, and has a wide range of favorites. The “42” comment is just one example of how certain books have become a part of his life and experiences and are now good friends.

    Sorry, I know this comment had very little to do with your actual post. I’m doing that a lot lately. It’s probably a symptom of not having taken the time to write a post of my own lately. I can read with people and activity around me much easier than I can write.

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..MCRD Family Day

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