Soon you too could find yourself to be another unlucky victim of the dreaded cabin fever.

cabin fever

“B-b-but how will I know if I have cabin fever?”  You may ask.  “Will I know that I have it or will I just think I have Diptheria?  Or Consumption?  Or Gout?  Or Pertussis?  Or Tetanus?  Or Typhoid Fever!??!? How can you tell when you have cabin fever?!”  You may query.

Fear not.  You will know you have cabin fever.  You will just KNOW.  The symptoms, as they increase in severity, will be a dead giveaway.  Emphasis on deadAnd giveaway.

cabin fever 2

You will find yourself browsing Facebook trying to see if you are experiencing the coldest weather of all of your friends.  You will then find yourself, strangely enough, gloating that they don’t know the real meaning of cold and that you would be wearing shorts if you lived where they lived, even though the truth is, you aren’t really proud of your cold weather in the gloating way and you’d really just be glad to jump on the next plane to Tahiti to experience something somewhat temperate if only for a day.

That’s one of the symptoms that will be unmistakable.

Photo 10

The other one is that you will actually start taking pictures of yourself making very strange faces using your computer’s photo booth software keeping it set to the bulgy effect just to accentuate further what was clear to everyone in the first place, that being that you are going quite cuckoo.

Once you have gotten to this point of course, you will realize that not only do you have cabin fever but that it actually might be a fatal case.

And then you’ll resign yourself to eating soup for the next 5 months and drinking nothing but egg nog and hot chocolate.  Then you will go to bed under your 7 covers and suck your thumb.But don’t worry.  You can only catch cabin fever from another person if you look at pictures on the internet of someone who is already suffering from it so you should be sa… Oh… um…. Oops.

Bye bye.

5 thoughts on “Cabin Fever…

  1. Wow – you have really gone off the deep end, eh?

    Looking forward to taking the jump with ya next year…or something. 🙂

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