You know… otherwise known as, the times when I should be doing something other than what I’m about to tell you I do in my spare time, I like to fantasize about starting my own photography business.  The idea is not completely far fetched.  In fact I intend on doing it eventually.  However I have government paperwork to do yet in order to be allowed to work in Canada or start a business.  It’s basically the equivalent of a green card that I’m needing.  Why don’t I yet have this?  Did I mention government paperwork by any chance?  Yah so.

We are going to be getting that dreaded paperwork going really soon which means I may be able to officially start my own business in Oh…. something like the year 2049.  Or maybe even as soon as mid-2010 if the planets are properly aligned and I daily rub my lucky rabbit’s foot and wash behind my ears regularly.  But I’m not superstitious so it probably won’t happen until 2049 if my calculations are correct.  And by then I will be 72 with arthritis and bursitis and pancreatitis and plantar fasciitis and cystitis and itisitis so I think I’ll probably be less into the idea of starting a business.  I don’t know.  I could be totally into it still.

But in the meantime I like coming up with names for my phuture photography company.  I have never considered using my own name in my company name.  I like my name and all but I  just don’t like the sound of my name as a company name.

So I can’t really picture a photography company name without envisioning a logo too.  So I play with those ideas too.

Here are three that I have come up with so far.






I think I prefer the latter at this point.  Though my owl is very cute if I do say so  myself.  I just don’t know if he… I mean, I would be taken quite as seriously with him on all of my business cards.  What do you think?  I mean, if I only wanted to take pictures of children, the owl might work… but I don’t just want to take pictures of children.

Which is your favorite?  And why?

12 thoughts on “In my spare time…

  1. I like the last one. Smart. Catchy. Just cool! Sorry, not very good at expressing my thoughts coherently this afternoon. So, I’ll go back to “I like the last one best!” and leave it at that :p

  2. Hey, I know a thing or two about marketing and a thing or two about photography. The best thing you can do for your business is use your own name…or a version thereof. You will be the most successful if you do because number one people will always remember YOUR name and because no one will wonder if you just work for someone else…plus a million other reasons.

    Charla’s last blog post..This Little Child

  3. Hi, I found your blog through lotus..

    I have to say the last one is fabulous. I have a nikon D80 and I am a photography nut and I wish I could come up with something like the last one for my photos. The best name I came up with was “ambient reflections” but only because it rolls off the tongue nicely!

    Jessica’s last blog post..Holiday Palooza

  4. The “catch” one is very clever and the owl is very cute, but I think I like “eye-kon” best. I like the play on words with the eye and the fact that you use a Ni*kon*. I also really like the eye used in the letter “e”. I don’t so much like the word icon, but perhaps your religious beliefs are such that icons are not a problem. (Dh takes it really far in that he does not like to call the symbols on his computer screen icons. He also avoids using wizards if at all possible. It greatly disturbs him. Crazy man.) However, I think using the word this way indicates a non-religious meaning and is not the least bit troubling for weirdos like me. I don’t know about weirdos like my husband. He’s super weird:oD

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..MCRD Family Day

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