Hey everyone… I’m sorry for posting the auction and then pulling it but I figured pulling it before anyone had placed a bid was the safest thing for me to do because I found out that my sweet cousin, who is a fabulous photographer, was interested in buying the camera.  She has patiently waited for the opportunity to own a DSLR, possibly thinking it was a very distant reality and this just seemed like the perfect chance for her.  So I decided to go for nepotism and let her decide if she wanted the camera before taking any actual bids… and she does!  Thank you all for your interest and I’m sorry that I went and decided to call this thing early… but when I found out she was interested… well… I really wanted her to have it!  I’m just bein’ honest.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the first ever Auction at Life is Like a Lunchbox!

  1. I’ve been bidding on D80s on ebay all week! I really want one. But I would like to pay around $300 for a used body. If you don’t get any other bids, would you sell the body only (don’t need lens) for $300?

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