hello monkey

I’ve been gone for a couple of days.

We had a lovely Christmas.



A silly Christmas too.

silly lion puppet

This guy ^ is named Hamburger.

silly monkey puppet

And this ^ is Chocolate Milk.  We specialize in naming stuffed animals and puppets.  We’ll name yours for you for a nominal fee if you can’t come up with a workable name on your own.  My 3 year old named his most recent stuffed pooch Toothpaste.


But we’re always silly so that’s nothing new…

moustache people

It was snowy and cold outside and warm and cozy inside.  We had a small amount of thoughtful gifts, which is what I like.

Grandpa received a paper airplane (the world’s fastest, made by the Groucho on the right, above), a stuffed Panda from my 6 year old and an iPod.

gpa airplane

gpa panda2

He loved his gifts and is thoroughly enjoying them.

sleeping grandpa

My turkey took way too long to cook because I stuffed the heck out of it so we ended up eating at traditional dinner time wheras I was planning on us eating more around 2:30ish.  Oh well.  It was super delicious which is all that matters.

My only and best gift (we gave and received ours earlier in the year) was the fact that my children were thankful and never complained.  Watching a three year old receive a gift has to be one of the cutest things…

c present 4

c present2


c present 3

The big hit was the big gift. We got the kids Keva Planks for Christmas.  And they are so much fun and open up so many possibilities for big and little creative minds alike.  We’ve all been having fun with them.  I foresee them keeping us busy for many hours in the coming years.

Look at some of the structures we’ve made since yesterday…


tower3 keva

spiral stairs1

furniture keva 3

furniture keva 1

old west keva 4

old west keva3

My favorite presents of the day had to be the puppets though…  I guess I have a thing for puppets.  I love making them use really big words.  I guess I just like to entertain my kids and make them laugh.  They are a pretty easy audience.


5 thoughts on “Tap, tap, tap…

  1. Thanks for the invite when it appeared that I’d be stuck in Calgary for Christmas!

    (I think that I’ll have Air Canada Reservations annoying hold music stuck in my head for the next month or two).

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