What a year this has been…  I like being like everyone else and doing a year in review type post around this time of year.  It’s fun to go back in time and see how much everyone has grown, what has changed, what hasn’t changed… etc.

In January I informed you once again about just how cold it gets in our part of Canada.  Sure it’s colder in some places… like The Arctic Circle but this is cold enough for me, thank you very much.


And I was even kind enough to put that windchill factor into Celsius for my American friends…


Wasn’t that nice of me?

In February I let you in on the little known fact that my three year old has a future in Hollywood when I posted this video of him pretending to be shot.

In March I shared a poem that I wrote called Today.

Today is for learning something that’s new

Today is for doing

the things that we do

Today is for writing

a page in a book

Today is for taking

a lingering look

Today is for watching

the snow softly fall

Today is for making

a difficult call

Today is for aching

for tomorrow’s delights

Today is for putting

those aches out of sight

Today is for conjuring

a face from the past

Today is for hoping

that the memories last

Today is for pressing

the hope for tomorrow

Deep into our souls

past the skin, bones and marrow

Today is for seeking

He whom is to be found

Today is for hearing

a beautiful sound

Today is for reaching

for him who is near

Today is for hearing

his voice in our ears

Today is for turning

our hearts toward his voice

Today is for resting

in his sovereign choice

By Me.

In April I toyed with you by playing a guessing game wherein I shared my lame claims to fame (and also asked you yours) and included one or two that were false… But you had to guess which ones were true… I also posted these cute pictures of my son very pensively grooming himself.








In May I explained to you how much Spring and color means to people who live in the Frozen North.  It means a lot.  Really.  My eyes start aching for color long about mid-March.



Oh… and I also convincingly illustrated how shockingly thrilling it can sometimes be to raise boys…


In June I shared about how my mother in law passed away after a thirty year battle with breast cancer and also about a wonderful day at the zoo with my beautiful friend Karen.  And I showed you my beautiful friend Karen….

KB2 bw

kb8 bw

and tigers and flowers and peacocks too…





tiger tongue2

tiger water

tiger eyes

In July I told you  the little known fact that my man is a master hula hooper… and I gave you proof…

hula In August I posted about how I have gotten my kids to enjoy eating vegetables.

B pep2

I also told you about a perfect day which included donuts and mountains and splashing in the water…




In September I told you what all had been keeping me so busy recently and I told you the secret I’d been keeping about landing the best job working for the best gal on the internet


In October I shared about a great need for prayer for our family… You all prayed… and God answered.  And my brother is alive and well and God is healing him — mind, body and soul.

In November I shared all sorts of pictures that I had taken at our local Farmer’s Market.



colored glasses


And finally in December I made you painfully aware of what can happen to a person when they aren’t getting out enough.  I’m sure I frightened most of you away.  If you are still reading this you deserve a Purple Heart for bravery.

cabin fever

And that about catches us up… Thanks for walking with me down my memory lane…  I hope you all have a very happy new year!!

6 thoughts on “2008 in the rear view mirror…

  1. Nice walk down memory lane, I can’t even remember last week.
    Yes I can…..It was cold and Christmas happened, I gained 5 pounds.
    I want to forget it again.
    Anyway hi down there from 3 hours north.

  2. #1. I am glad I am not the only one with a kid that sticks metal objects (knives, rezor blades) into outlets. I got a good laugh.

    #2. I love all the beautiful photographs at the Farmer’s Market in Nov!

    #3. I am still wondering that if it gets to a NEGATIVE SIXTY ONE where you live…how the heck does it EVER warm up in summertime? Just wondering.

    Looking forward to another great year!

    Allie’s last blog post..Grahm Cracker Houses are HARD to Make!

  3. What a wonderful year in review! It just makes me wish I had met you sooner!! All of your photos are so vivid.
    I used to live in Wyoming where temperatures did dip well below zero quite often, but I’m sure they didn’t dip quite THAT low! I hope you are all snuggled up and warm!

    Have a Happy New Year! Stay Safe and Warm~

    Your new friend,

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