I totally get on author kicks. Do you?  I pretty much am guaranteed to read anything by Tim Keller these days for instance (or haven’t you noticed?)  And Jane Austen… you know if she ever puts out another one, I’ll be all over it.  Too bad I’ll have to wait for heaven for that one.  I’m not positive but I think I’m pretty sure that people will still be writing novels in heaven.  But maybe then there will be no such thing as writer’s block.  Or query letters or editors.  (Sorry editors… maybe you can become authors too in heaven!?)  And all stories will point to the ultimate story.  I don’t know… I could be wrong.

So I’m on a dual kick right now of Tim Keller and Susan Wise Bauer.  The other day I took advantage (again) of the 30% off sale at our local big box book store and bought he History of the Ancient World.   (I linked to half.com there because I’m all about finding you the best deals.)  So I bought this book for myself.  But lo and behold, I am having to fight my 8 year old for it.  He took it up the day we brought it home and so far is two chapters ahead of me!  He has probably outread me this year by about 1,000 pages.  I am determined to beat him this year.  Shhh…  He doesn’t know that I’m using him as a pacer.

So far I love this book.  It’s very well written and I always love SWB’s writing style.  She is very personable and witty.  I really like an author’s personality to make its way through the pages of their book and hers shines through without any kind of blearing of the facts in her book.


Get it.  Read it.  Learn.

I am also now waiting on  this one and plan on hopefully reading every recommended book within its pages.


Okay and I’m waiting for this one too if you want to know the whole truth.  It looks like something I won’t be able to put down.


What are you reading right now?  Or looking forward to reading?  I don’t know what did it but for years (I think it was Early Motherhood Inability to Hold a Complete Thought for Longer than 5 Seconds Syndrome) I had a very hard time reading a real live book.  I couldn’t read anything longer than your typical Twitter update blog post.  But in the past year my brain has begun to emerge from the diaper-fume induced paralysis it had to endure for so many years and I am finally back in the world of readers of books with plot and/or requiring thought and it’s a truly lovely place to be now that I’ve rediscovered it.  I think it’s maybe kinda sorta just a little something like Eden… We won’t fully appreciate what it was until we are allowed back in.

14 thoughts on “Author Kicks…

  1. diaper-fume induced paralysis: Now that is a new one and funny!

    I guess that is what I have been suffering from for so long!

    Personally, my favorite reads are (don’t laugh) encyclopedias and Texas Parks and Wildlife magazines. Kinda weird, I know.

    I am seriously thinking about picking up one of these reads though.

    Allie’s last blog post..Why I NEED Photoshop Elements 7

  2. Now great minds think alike. I recently re-read well educated mind and decided to read through the lists. I also have History of the Ancient world. That one will be for spring reading challenge. I considered the art of the public grovel. You’ll have to let me know what you think. I’m about to start Wicked and have a jillion books on my list to read. Including War and Peace which hubby got me for christmas.

    have fun reading.


  3. I go throught phases where I read about one subject alot.
    My fave fiction author is Karen Kingsbury.
    I just ordered a bunch of books the other day, which I just bloged about. I can’t wait for them to arrive, Canada post is just so slow!

    Islandgirl’s last blog post..Randomness

  4. I’m reading a very odd book about living Biblically for a year. It’s by an agnostic that lives in New York and decided to follow the Bible as literally as possible for one year. I’m hoping that he becomes a Christian by the end of it, but I doubt it 🙂

    Christina’s last blog post..Vacation is over…

  5. Christina, my husband read that book last year and really enjoyed it. I need to read it… even though I already know how it ends. LOL

  6. Your 8-year old can read a History of the Ancient World? And understand it? Wow!! I’ve been reading it for a long time now, just not being able to carve out good reading time, but that’s a hard book to read! I’m enjoying it, but I’m totally amazed that your son is reading it.

  7. I too love to read currently I am reading The Shack. If you haven’t read it pick it up, its great. I also love anything by Jodi Picoult. I also find books with historically reference fascinating, Pope Joan by Donna Cross, 1,000 White Women by Jim Fergus, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

    lovelywife’s last blog post..12 days

  8. I just have to know–does he get it? I have a daughter who’s 6 and is a voracious reader, but her retention isn’t there yet. As a homeschool mom, if he understands what he reads, especially in a book like that, then you wouldn’t have to do history with him ever again!:) Now, if only my oldest (ds10) could be ravenous regarding long division and Latin. I’d be all set.:)

    Your son has challenged me to get on with finishing that book!

  9. Yes, he does… quite well actually. He stops and talks about it as he’s reading too. A couple of chapters into it he stopped and said, “This is like Story of the World except in more detail.” He has always sort of amazed me with his reading comprehension…. Early last year (when he was 7) he picked up his story of the world book and read through the whole thing in three days, thus sort of throwing off the rest of the year as far as my plans for history lessons. But I have learned that with him it is as you say… I don’t really have to teach him history anymore. He consumes it and soaks himself in it and imagines himself in it. He has sort of ruined me for all of my “normal” kids as I have no idea what normal abilities are for age level anymore. I tend to probably expect more from them than they are able to produce so I have to be very careful. He’s right on age level with math though (thank God… what would I do if he were ahead of me in that?! LOL I’m not a math person!) Here in Alberta we have what are called Educational Assistants (EA) that come twice a year and assess how school is going. I am registered with a school board where all the EAs are homeschooling moms themselves so they are extremely supportive of various methods of homeschooling (relaxed, stringent, unschooling, classical, traditional…) They are wonderful. All that to say that at our recent meeting with our EA she sort of gave me permission to just continue letting him do what he’s doing for reading and history since he requires nary a push to move forward in leaps and bounds… so basically my job with him is to “push” him in writing (which he’s good at but he doesn’t LOVE it the way he does reading and history), math and eventually a foreign language. I think we have settled on French. I’m very thankful that he is so self-motivated as it makes it much easier for me to focus on my littler guys who need more of my direct involvement… speaking of which, I must go do Phonics now! :^D

    Nan’s last blog post..Let them school with Star Wars…

  10. I should have told you in your first message that your blog is great, it’s one of my daily reads.:)

    What a tremendous blessing for you and for him. To know that he’ll have such a wealth of knowledge and a life-long love of books. It took until 3rd grade to get my son to “like” reading, and to this day I don’t know if he’d sit and read w/out me telling him to (though he does read whenever we’re in the car). You’ll figure out what works best for your other boys. He could always “teach” them, too. Writing was a chore for us, too, until this year. We started an IEW class and it’s been a great experience for my son and me. I have learned so much.

    Is the EA assessment all that is required in Canada of homeschoolers? Sounds like the schools and homeschoolers have a pretty good relationship (or maybe just where you are?).

    Thanks, Nan, for talking to me about all of this. I’ve enjoyed it!


  11. Each province has its own home school regulations, similar to how each state is different in the states. Ontario, for instance, has very little in the way of regulations. Our province, while having a bit more regulations, also provides funding for home schoolers. And contrary to what many might think there are really not many strings attached. While home schoolers who choose to fully align to the provincial curriculum receive more funding, those of us who want the freedom to choose our own curriculum have a great deal of freedom (I don’t know that any curriculum is off the table at all) of choice and still receive a nice amount of funding (while I would still happily home school with no funding, it is just nice.) We receive about $600 per year per student. Fully aligned students can receive upwards of $1200 a year. The province is very smart (in my opinion) to encourage home schooling in this way as it relieves some of the burden on the overfilled public schools and costs much less (about $10,000 less) per year per student than public schools do.

    We don’t have to keep grades or attendance records. The EA prepares two reports per year on what the kids are learning and how they are doing. I don’t think I could be any happier. I can’t say much about any other provinces or their regulations as I just don’t know what they are anywhere else. We love how supportive Alberta is of home schooling.

    Nan’s last blog post..Let them school with Star Wars…

  12. Wow. Wish Canada wasn’t so darn cold and that my husband wasn’t so emeshed in his job here.:) $600 per kid would be such a huge help–we have 4 kids and it’s hard to buy curriculum each year. I could be buying fun stuff for me!!:) No, really, like you I’m thrilled that I can homeschool, but to have a fairly supportive province is like icing-on-the-cake, huh? Or should I say, Eh?:) Each school year as I send in to our county what curriculum I’m using and why, plus the kid’s standardized tests scores, I get a little crankier than the year before. We’re in Ohio.

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