Please note, this is NOT my son! :^) Sorry, I did not make that clear!! My mom saw this on YouTube and sent it to me!

Okay and because it’s equally as funny….

According to the US Census Buruea, there are only 305,749,091 people living in America.

6 thoughts on “Funny for you….

  1. Both of those are extremely funny. I particularly enjoyed the little kid because I had my wisdom teeth out in high school and i remember having to “walk” to the car with assistance and almost totally missing the car. Then I laid my face pressed up against the window because it was sooooo heavy. Then I was all like “what time is it?….was I in there for days?” Then my mom had to pick up my RX for pain and she goes “Can I leave you in here?….ahh…I better not, someone might kidnap you in this condition” For like a good hour or so I was on like planet rainbow or something. Looking back its now funny…but it wasn’t at the time. I too thought “is this real life…is this forever???!!!”

    ~Jessica’s last blog post..I view the world through my camera lens…..

  2. Ha! My husband and I both were laughing histerically! We can totally see our oldest doing this and asking all those questions. You know what, this is better than blackmail when your child gets older. Can you imagine at every family reunion or get-together putting on the video of his day at the dentist? OKay, I better stop now, watching him act silly was almost funny enough to convince me to get mine taken out (but I am too afraid of the pain!).


    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..The Kindergarten Bully

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