(am I the only one that quotes Gurgle from Finding Nemo?)

So in the change-over to my new comfy cozy coffee-housesque chocolaty bloggy look I have lost my blogroll. It’s okay. I don’t mind. It was probably bloated anyways with too many blogrolls, from which I might add, I pretty much never got a single hit. I had too many places that I never even visit myself on it. So what I want to do is rebuild my blogroll with both sites that I do read and (TaDAH! The reason for this post) the blogs and sites of people who actually read my blog!

So please, if you would like me to add you to my brand spankin’ new non-bloated blogroll, comment on this post and tell me what your blog is… and for kicks, tell me how long you’ve been reading my blog and how you came to find it. If you want to, that is. It’s not necessary. It would just be cool to know because lots of you are the quiet types, I can tell. That’s okay.

Quiet people are nice because they are so very different from me.

23 thoughts on “Prest-O Change-O Rea[[[record scratch]]]hoo…bop pa doo…

  1. Hi, Nan. I like your new look. I’m afraid I’ve been lurking for about a year and a half. Sheesh! I suppose I should comment more often, but I do not usually comment unless I have something worthwhile to say. (Which is not often.) I do have a knitting blog (www.knitorknot.net), but it often feels neglected.

    Heather’s last blog post..Estonian Lace

  2. I guess I’ve been visiting for a month or so? I don’t remember how I got here. Off of someone else’s blogroll probably but I’m glad I did. I like your outlook.

    My blog is ourfrontdoor (http://www.ourfrontdoor.us) and it doesn’t have a theme. I’m not artsy or crafty and my photos are average at best. My job is not terribly interesting and I stink at interior decorating.

    I do like to post recipes and my kids are on the cute side. Also, I am fairly hilarious and very insightful. At least I think so.;)

    Mindee@ourfrontdoor’s last blog post..I Guess We’ll Stay Put. For Now.

  3. I love the new look. Yes, I am a lurker, mostly. I have left a few comments in the past but I have been reading for a long time. I know way over a year. And when I first found you it was through my sister.

  4. Been lurking for a while, and praying for your family. Came here probably from Apronista, maybe, and I love your writing. You express truth and life with great strength and personal clarity. But my favourite (which I shall shamelessly plagiarise) is your quip to the homeless man about why you have so many kids. I’m carrying my 7th and I needed a good explanation!!! We are so blessed.

  5. Juelle, my other favorite answer would be, “Umm… you *do* know you’re asking about my sex life right?”

    Haven’t quite gotten the nerve up to answer with that one yet. LOL But it’s in there just waiting to come out!

  6. Hello, Nan. I have been reading your blog ever since Nell disappeared and you sent Ree the Border Collie Limoge. I thought that was one of the sweetest things, so I came over here to see who was so thoughtful. And I discovered you are also very funny, like-minded as far as Tim Keller and C.S. Lewis go, a home-schooler, and very funny. Oh, I already said that…it’s an important one for me. 🙂 Our blog is fivewalkers.com. It’s just a family blog for the most part and a way for me to pretend I have an audience. I’m an introverted extrovert. I write for my mom mainly. But it’s lots of fun. Except when I’m writing about something heart-breaking like Cora and her family. I am having a very hard time with that. I can see my own daughter’s face in her sweet little face whenever I see her picture. What a terrible thing. Well, that is a whole other route though. Thanks for sharing all that you do, in the many aspects that you cover. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you a little.

    Christina’s last blog post..Highly Sensitive

  7. Gosh! I can’t even remember how long I’ve been reading. I know it’s been at least a year–maybe closer to 2. And I probably ended up here through my friend Leah, but I really don’t even remember that. But you’re in my bloglines, and I love to hear about the adventures with your boys and to know of another pastor’s wife who doesn’t necessarily fit “the mold.”

    Crystal’s last blog post..I love finding new things!

  8. Hey Nan, I’ve been reading for a while, although I’m just terrible about commenting. I am excited to follow along with your photography since I just got a spanking new D60 to play with. I think I found you via my sister-in-law Greta. I love that wall of history!

  9. Hi you! Well I think you know how I found you….by a fluky question between a couple of co-workers about one of their neighbors! LOL. Such a small world!! I’d LOVEY if you’d add me to your blog roll. I am going to add you to mine too. You will be amongst many talented card makers and your super duper talent will be in good company! (((HUGS))))

    Charlene Austin’s last blog post..Papertrey Friends Till The End Challenge

  10. I’ve been reading you lovely blog for a little over a year, I guess. I found you after you after reading comments on my sister in law’s blog (larsonboysacadamy.com).

    I really like the black background – mine is black as well. However, the comment page looks a lot like Halloween with the orange and black…

    Keep up the writing. I come here for good belly laughs!


    Dana Burns’s last blog post..Not Me!

  11. Hi, Nan. Well lets see. I have been reading you for what 2 years now. I have been with you for many changes. FYI I never got my shirt for Pageflake. It ok we still good. Hope the weather is good in Canada. For us in MN it has been up and down. Well check in with you later.

    Sarah’s last blog post..My Valentine

  12. Been reading for a year of so and I have no idea how I found you. I do know that I love this reading about your family. My blog is about my life with Hubby and my four legged children and all my assorted family members. I’m not so sure I like the darker background, but it’s growing on me . . . I’d be thrilled to be on your blogroll. . .

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