This is an unsolicited product review.

We have had many blank walls in our house.  Large barren, naked, tan walls staring at us and screaming for some kind of clothing.  I’m surprised they haven’t taken to sewing fig leaves together for themselves.  If there was a fig tree in the vicinity our walls may have just tried it.  But we live in the land of perpetual winter.  Fig trees are scarce.

A couple of weeks ago my sweet friend, Mandy, came over and we sat at my computer and browsed Etsy together with no real destination.  We just love Etsy. Who doesn’t?  So as we were jumping from one cool thing to the next she introduced me to the fabulous new(ish?) home decor fad, that of vinyl wall decor.  Some of these designs are amazing in their intricacy.

I decided that though I loved some of these designs, what I really wanted was words.  And I really wanted something custom.  And I really wanted something more affordable.  So I decided to expand my search beyond Etsy to that of Ebay.

To my delight I found a shop called Wall Talk that sold both pre-made and custom orders at a much better price than what I had found on Etsy.  So I placed my order.  They were super easy to work with and my order arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. Their mounting instructions were very clear and easy to follow as well.

Our order arrived yesterday and yesterday evening we got it up onto the wall.  We are really happy with how it turned out.

You have to check out some of the stuff they have in this category on Etsy.  Some of them are quite amazing.  Thanks Mandy for introducing me to this!!

UPDATE: When we decided to move, we needed to paint the interior of our house and depersonalize the space so we removed the decal. Unfortunately it was not anywhere near as easy to remove as it should have been. This may be due to the fact that our walls were not plastered at all but just painted drywall. The paint peeled and chipped a good bit. I do think this had more to do with our wall than the quality of the product.

19 thoughts on “Wall Decor….

  1. it looks great! I have been wanting to get some of those also. I have a friend who sells them with a company called “uppercase living”. I don’t know if you’ve checked that out yet.

    danielle’s last blog post..Fresh Air…

  2. That is not only cool, but lovely. I remember visiting someone quite a while back who had a scripture painted across the top of sliding doors, with vines coming down all around, and then down the sides. It was really pretty, and I thought it was neat then. What you guys did is so simple and elegant. What room is it in?

    Christina’s last blog post..Rest

  3. That looks cute! Heh, did you notice the other shops listed at the etsy one? LOL

    I wonder – do they come down easily? Without marking the walls? I’d love to put stuff like that up, but we rent and would get growled at if it wrecked the paint…

    Molytail’s last blog post..Score!

  4. Hey Nan,
    That looks really neato! I wish I could see them…well, I just wish I could see you! (and Shawn too, of course)
    Also, I liked your homeschool room wall with all those wonderful people on it…hey, why wasn’t I on there?

  5. I really like it Nan! We have some bare naked tan walls staring at us too. And this word idea keeps coming to mind. So, if you see me at some point posting similar pics don’t think I’m copycatting you..or, well, unless you take that as a compliment (imitation is the highest form of flattery..or something like that, right?) then by all means…anyway…Cool!! LOL I want to do it too. (see how simple that could have been? but noooooo, not me :p )

    Tara’s last blog post..What’s Your Sign?

  6. Ive gotten some from UpperCase Living and love how they look. Especially living in a parsonage you don’t want to do to much to the walls and stuff since it isn’t my house.

    lovelywife’s last blog post..12 days

  7. I got a couple from a party about 4 months ago. So far I have only put up the welcome for my front door. But I have an excuse, I want to paint the interior of the house before I them up. I am hoping to start painting pretty soon. The one on the door is great. I totally agree that they are a nice, afforadable way to decorate.

    ruth’s last blog post..He’s 9!

  8. Hey there, nerd-a (said with great affection)-I think you should have your limerick custom made into one of those wall decor thingies and find a spot for it in your home! They’re fun, aren’t they?

  9. Hey Nan, we had some friends in B’ham who told us about this. I love this verse.

    How did you get the walls to change colors? 🙂

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