A friend of mine on Facebook posted today about how legos are automatic mess makers and it just hit very close to home. I’ve been battling legos for a long time. Today it made its way out as a poem.

Each lego is a plastic curse.
They are under the bed and then in my purse.
They line the halls and obstruct the doors.
They gather in piles on multiple floors.
They hide in cracks and crevices
and then they grow legs like tortoises.
They make their way into every room.
They get caught in the vacuum and swept by the broom.
No matter what, they never stay put
and are especially evil when under your foot.

By me
written just now

10 thoughts on “Ode to the Evil that is Legos

  1. I search half the day in the sofa, under the bed
    Looking for the tiny gun or hair from the head
    Of some little tiny Lego guy.
    And meanwhile the Legos multiply.

  2. Believe it or not, some day all the Legos will be in a big plastic bin all put away in the garage. Your children will be all grown up, through college and married to the Christian spouses you are praying for now. You will miss their Lego season of life. Be in the moment joyfully with them now.

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