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Every year at our church we have an Easter art display for all ages from the tiny kids on up to the grandparents.  Every year there is a theme around which the art is to be based.  We have had some amazing entries in years past.  I’m not much of an artist, though a few years back I took a crack at a pastel drawing.  It turned out rather one dimensional but that’s okay.  I enjoyed doing it.  Another year I wrote a poem.  Last year I weilded Photoshop as my chosen medium.  This year again, I have decided to write a poem.

The theme this year centers on Christ’s words to the apostle John in Revelation 21, “Behold, I am making everything new!”  Notice the present tense!  He isn’t just about waiting for all things to burn up and go away so he can make things new in some other dimension… He is making things new as we speak by his grace!  Christ’s rule began when he arrived here and established a new Kingdom, one of peace that passes understanding, one of hope and renewal in Him… And we are witness to this as we see people still coming to him.  There are times when we look at the state of things and wonder what He is doing but even His own disciples questioned how their savior’s death could possibly be a good thing… It seemed God’s will was being subverted or that maybe they had put their hope in something false.  But then they saw him — risen from the dead — and they finally understood!  He was making all things new, starting with his resurrection from the dead and victory over sin.  And he is still doing that now.  So, Christian, do not give up hope when things appear bleak and when you feel that things are not as they should be… they aren’t as they should be because all the earth is stained with the curse of sin from the ground up.  But He is making all things new “far as the curse is found” as surely as He lives.

It is in that vein that I wrote this poem.

By Nancy Doud

A man sits helpless on the ground
as far as all know
it’s where he’s always been found
he sits and cries
as his useless eyes
tell a story that few listen to.
But then he hears the footsteps of The Man,
The One who makes dead things live
and old things new
Sight arises from sin’s ugly tattoo
as he sees The One,
The Man who makes all things new.

A woman bleeds and lives in pain
her deepest wound freshly bleeds shame.
The stigma that is hers she wears like a name.
She is shunned and kept at bay
further than arm’s reach away
But then she reaches; what else can she do?
In faith she stretches out her hand
when she hears the footsteps of The Man,
The One who makes dead things live
and old things new
Hope arises from sin’s painful tattoo
as she touches The One,
The Man who makes all things new.

A man lives under a special curse;
he screams and writhes and cuts
Yet despite all help he grows ever worse
He rages at the chains, increasing his pains
He shrieks and fumes among the tombs
There is nothing the world can do
But then he hears the footsteps of The Man,
The One who makes dead things live
and old things new
Peace arises from sin’s destructive tattoo
as he is calmed by The One,
The Man who makes all things new.

A man is sick as his sisters’ cries
go up to the heavens, up to the skies.
Despite all their prayers their brother still dies
and their grief wears no glossy cheerful disguise.
The Man weeps with them
at sin’s restless repose
Though he alone knows what nobody knows.
Here no hope is renewed for the dead
at the sound of the tread
of the one who makes all things new.
He stands and weeps as his friend yet sleeps.
And hope seems deserted when life is subverted
But then comes the VOICE of The Man,
The One who makes dead things live
and old things new.
New life arises from sin’s deadly tattoo
as he hears the voice of The One,
The Man who makes all things new.

As his footsteps draw near
May we listen and hear
And all be made new
Renewed by the hope that we have in The One,
The Man who makes all things new.

10 thoughts on “All things new…

  1. It’s a wonderfully written poem, Nan!! I love to write poetry as well, so I can appreciate the heart and effort that went into this one. Great job on bringing Scripture more to life! 🙂

  2. Wonderful poem, Nan! I especially like the second to last and last verse.

    The rhythm of this poem really reminds me of another, but I’m drawing a blank now. Ugh! What is it? Oh, whatever it is, I like it.

  3. Nan, That’s beautiful. I think I’ll go cry now. I was singing “Jesus Loves Me” to my baby girl tonight and she would say “Jesus?” at the end so I would sing it again, and a couple of times I had to whisper because I thought again of how important and sweet that truth is. Jesus love me, this I know…
    Well, thanks for sharing such a lovely poem.

  4. How creative is that poem! Thanks for sharing it. It is along the lines of my favorite book series “The AD Chronicles” (Thoene), about people who encountered Jesus with the historical detail as the Thoene’s are known for.

    Rita’s last blog post..Being Real

  5. Nan,
    I had not read this yet…not sure how I missed it. I am pretty much speechless…what beautiful prose. I have not been a huge fan of poetry but with writing like yours I could easily be persuaded to enjoy this fine art form on a more regular basis.
    The “Do The Next Thing” poem and blog spot that I wrote has many other implications that I do not feel free to talk about at this time (on the blog) but I know you are fully aware of! 🙂 Thanks for visiting and thanks especially for your prayers!
    Always trusting and doing the next thing ~Heather

    Heather Davis’s last blog post..Do The Next Thing

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