I got to take some pictures of my pregnant friend the other day.  I love this friend.  She is such a sweet and genuine person.  I’ve known her for less than a year but it feels like longer.

Also, another noteworthy thing — we have been going outside.  Every day.  I can’t express how lovely it has been and how much  we revel in the sunshine each and every day that we can actually feel its warmth.








This is the first time I’ve been able to photograph one of my pregnant friends.  Is it just me or do all women who have been pregnant a few times themselves love and adore other pregnant women?  Besides the vomiting and the pain and the bedrest and the vomiting and the bizarre dreams… oh and the vomiting it makes me sort of jealous.  I love the feeling of the baby kicking and moving around and (I know it’s strange but) I love giving birth.  It’s the greatest adrenaline rush ever and has the sweetest smelling reward — soft sweet baby head.  But I digress.

I also got to take some pictures of her boys.







Now, the only question is… is she going to be in the mom of four boys club with me or is she going to have this strange little being that she won’t know what to do with — a girl?  I think it’s a girl.  (And of course she’ll know just what to do with her — love her.)

9 thoughts on “My pregnant friend…

  1. Nan, they’re beautiful…pics and people! I also love pregnant women. They’re adorable, lovely, shiny (in all the good ways). The pictures of the little boy alone are amazing. What looks! He reminds me of my boy when he was smaller.
    I bet being able to go out and be in the sun has had such a great affect on you all…it really makes a difference for me how the weather goes. Glad for some sunshine. Happy Easter.

    Christina’s last blog post..What Came First-the Chicken or the Egg?

  2. YEA!!! I’ve found you! Can’t wait to read the old posts and get caught up. Your pics are great, you give me some new posing ideas. Send me your email and we can get caught up!

  3. I love the pictures. My friend is pregnant with her fourth, though I doubt I’d be able to photograph her as well as you did… it may be fun to have for her album.

    Rita’s last blog post..Sermon Recap

  4. As always, wonderful pictures! I feel that usual pang of regret when I see pregnant women photos…I didn’t get any pictures of me pregnant with my first child, except for the one in the hall after my water broke! (it is scary, yet humorous, to see it now .. me.. in my bikini bottom of my bathing suit, and a tube top of all things, because my bathing suit top didn’t fit haha! I just HAD to get my belly!).

    Anyway, it’s a great memory, thanks for bringing it back!

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