Don’t even ask me what made us do it.  Unless you are satisfied with, “because she’s a sweetheart,” I couldn’t possibly give a cohesive or persuasive answer.

And a sweetheart she is.




The boys love her.  She loves them.  She has such a sweet mild temperment.

We need some sweet and mild here.  And some SHE.  We have lots of Sweet but not much mild ’round these parts.





Bruce is taking his sweet time getting used to her sweetness.  He wasn’t so sure at first and thought he was being displaced.  He is warming up to her slowly but surely though.  I am pretty sure they will be best pals in short order.  Until then she is on probation here… but I am confident and hopeful that Bruce will allow her into the pack.  He can be a bit of a brooding old man at times.  Thankfully she pays close attention to his emotions and minds her P’s & Q’s when she’s around him.  Oh and she is half boxer and half yellow lab.

In other news we had a lovely celebration of Easter on Sunday.  And we even, uncharacteristically, had plenty of time to get some pictures taken before heading out the door to church.








13 thoughts on “Sweet Sally

  1. I absolutely love the photos of you family…and the dog too! We had a surprise visitor this last week…the neighbor’s dog. Looks like my neighbor wants someone to adopt the doggie, so now we are testing her to make sure she is a good fit before we commit to her. Hopefully, the kids won’t traumatize her.

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..She Had Me at Little Dog Clothes

  2. Sally is a sweet looking dog. My son (5) was more interested in your boys’ pictures, who look like they’d be more fun to play with than his big sister and little brother could ever be.

    Rita’s last blog post..Temporary State

  3. The Sunday pics are great! …and hysterical! They’re all so cute in their little coats, with their hair all slicked up! So cute! :^D ps-SHE is cute too! :^D

  4. Soooo sweet. Her and them and you. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet the new addition. Counting down the days. By the way, we found a house we really like in Varsity. Here’s to hoping it stays open long enough for us to get a go at it.
    Love ya!

  5. the whole crew is so handsome.
    (I predict much mischief with that little guy…oh and the big one, too)

    we just visited some friends who have a 1/2 boxer, 1/2 black lab. She is the friendliest mutt. All kisses and wiggles.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Bloomin’ Beautiful

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