Yesterday I had the fun chance to take pictures of this little darling…


Babies… they are so photogenic.

You wanna know why I love the internet?  Because I am able to meet sweet people like this little lady’s Auntie through two totally disconnected people… my neighbour here in Canada and my boss in Oklahoma.  She reads Ree’s blog and knows my neighbour through work.  Crazy wonderful world isn’t it?










4 thoughts on “Beautiful Baby…

  1. You are WAY too lucky to have the opportunity to take photographs of such a sweet and adorable little baby! I love the way your camera takes these shots–beautiful work! You definitely have a talent for photography.

    (Now if only I could be that photogenic…)

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Postcards and a GIVE AWAY

  2. Oh…oh…and OH! Nancy, those pics are beautiful! It takes more than just a photogenic child though…it takes a person with a great eye to capture those moments and a good camera (which I have heard you have). Great job. ~Heather

    Heather Davis’s last blog post..A Day at the Park

  3. OH MY WORD!! She is GORJUS!! Heehee but maybe I am a bit biased since I AM the lucky AUNTIE!!

    It is a such a small world and I am SO happy and lucky I got to meet you Nancy. Thank you so much for taking these pics for me. They will be treasured always. I hope we will have many more opportunites to take more pics of the kids. Chat with you soon my friend!!

    Charlene Austin’s last blog post..Blowing Bubbles

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