A Sinus Infection.  Seriously.  My head feels about as heavy as a bowling ball.  A bowling ball that is the full weight of a bowling ball but stuffed with towels.  I am constantly on the verge of sneezing and I have a fever coming and going.  Not particularly fun.  But Nyquil is my friend.

Really though this episode is brought to you more by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.  If you’ve never watched his show, you should… especially if you are a dog person.  He is amazing.  The man knows dogs and understands the way their brains work.

I have been regularly employing his techniques in order to get Bruce accustomed to his new sister, Sally (who I seem to keep calling Sally Mae… I’m thinking of changing Bruce’s name to Freddie Mac… or Barnie Frank. Or not.)  He has gone from being quite annoyed with her almost all of the time to being perfectly content with her most of the time.  He still has his moments of annoyance where he grumbles that she is part of his world but with lots of attention and calming from me, the Pack Leader, he is mellowing to her presence.

Today I accomplished this.



Considering how many times he snarled at her in the first three or four days that she was here whenever she crossed him, I can tell you that this would not have happened on its own.  But because I am making a point to intensively calm and relax him whenever she is nearby we have been able to get to this point.  He  still doesn’t seek her out for this kind of companionship but as you can see he is getting to the point where he is content and calm with it when I make it happen.

I am working really hard on getting them to respect each other when it comes to food, treats, toys, etc.  Yesterday I was able to put a piece of bread directly between them, tell them to leave it and neither of them touched it.  I tell you, it was a beautiful thing.  And I really do credit it to what I’ve learned from watching Cesar (on the National Geographic Channel.)  Bruce is naturally quite tense when he and Sally are in close quarters but because he knew I was in control and he was being given positive attention throughout the whole rest, he was perfectly at ease and calm.

So I’m very encouraged by the great progress we’ve made.  Sally is here to stay.

She really loves Daddy too.


She is frequently found napping under his feet.

And this next moment of peace and quiet… this was brought to you by a very busy day sometime last week.

7 thoughts on “This episode of peace and quiet brought to you by…

  1. Thanks for posting this. Doncha just love watching kids do funny things? The music made it just perfect.

    We just got us a dog…finally decided Friday we’d keep her. Here she is sleeping at my feet. If we keep up this daily routine of walking a mile every evening, maybe I’ll lose that last twenty pounds I’ve been wanting to, but have never had the motivation to do so. However, dog not pooping in house is motivation enough to get out and walk for me. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Winners of Postcard Give Away

  2. Great pic Nancy. They do look very content with each other.

    Sorry to hear you are sick. I am fighting something myself. I think that little sweetheart Camryn passed her cold on to us during the photo shoot! Haha.

    Charlene Austin’s last blog post..Blowing Bubbles

  3. Great job with the dogs Nan! Now…the kid on the other hand…he probably would have slept better if his Pack Leader’d put him on the floor with the dogs!

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