I have always been amazed at how much my third son looks a lot like a younger version of my Dad.  His hair, his brown eyes, his smile, his enjoyment of working hard…



Do you see it?

I’m happy today.  I have a very cool secret that I am probably not allowed to tell.  But it’s making me smile.  And no, I’m not pregnant!!  (You people are very predictable.)

Today was a good day.  This morning we took our dogs for a short hike/run at an off-leash area that my husband and his friend have been taking them to for a couple of weeks.  It was lots of fun even though it was snowing lightly.  I had my first encounter with an Irish Wolfhound.  Man.  Those things are LARGE!  Thankfully he was very friendly.  Wanted to meet my dogs when he walked up to us but came and sat next to me and leaned up against me, looking at me for approval.  It was a bit nerve wracking though as he was with three of his other dog buddies (all well behaved.)

After that we took the boys to the new Bass Pro Shop.  I think we spent three hours there.  What an awesome place.  The testosterone level in there would probably have to be measured with a richter scale.

2 thoughts on “Uncanny

  1. Ah well, you just cant do that! What is the secret? (just kidding, I can wait)

    I do think your dad and son look alike. My nephew and father look alike in their childhood photos. I also have a cousin whom I have never met that looks just like me in photos. I’d like to meet her and compare photos. I heard that she doesnt live too far from me, so it would be strange if we do still look alike and bumped into each other.

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Melted Ice Cream and Bluebonnets

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