I don’t often assign creative writing to my boys at this point.  I want them to focus less on content and more on sentence structure and word flow.  If they already know the story they are retelling (or rewriting) they don’t have to focus so much on the story itself but just their retelling of it.  In the future they will be able to do more creative writing once they have the basics of sentence construction nailed down.  They can always write in their free time as well but as far as school is concerned, at this point, I want self-expression to come second. Having said that, today I thought it would be fun to have them go ahead and make up a story.  I gave them this starter…


What happens next?

This is the story that my 7 year old narrated to me…

The Toaster Alien Problem
By T. D.

Once upon a time the President of the United States discovered that there was a moon-sized toaster zooming around through space.  He told the astronauts to do research on it.

So the astronauts went in a rocket ship with a camera on it.  They went to the moon-sized toaster.  When they were about 2 miles away their video showed them that there were aliens living in and on the toaster.  They had 9 eyeballs each and 3 arms on each side and 3 feet.  Their hair was electric wires that zapped and sent signals to all of the other aliens whenever they saw astronauts, even when they just passed by.

The astronauts landed on the cord that was floating in front of the toaster.  Before the astronauts got out of their spaceship a force field came out of the top of the rocket ship to protect them from the aliens.  The astronauts could get in and out of the force  field but the aliens could not.

The astronauts discovered a door on the toaster beside the cord.  To the astronauts the cord seemed as big as a race car track.  They walked along it until they got to the door.  When they went into the toaster they found the aliens eating raisin toast.  The King Alien named Sergeant Goldenbrown was eating Alien Barf Toast which was an expensive meal that only Kings could afford to eat.  He love Alien Barf Toast but he hated Alien Barf Soup because it had alien athlete’s foot skin pieces floating in it.

When the king saw the astronauts he grew a beard of fungus because he had an allergic reaction to the smell of the Alien Barf Soup that another alien ate right next to him.  After he smelled the soup and grew the beard the astronauts came close to him and asked for some food.

The king said, “Do you want Alien Barf Hot Dogs or Alien Athlete’s Foot Burger?”

This made the astronauts puke because of the thought of the gaggy food that was offered to them.


The astronauts asked the king if they could use his phone.  He said, “Alright.  I’ll let you use my phone.”  The phone was in the shape of a foot.  It had large patches of scaly skin for the buttons.  The astronauts picked up the phone and called the President and said, “Can you tell more astronauts to come and help us fix the solar panels on this flying toaster?”

The president said, “I’ll only send one astronaut more.”

The astronauts said, “Will you agree to two?”

And the president said, “Okay.”

The other astronauts came in a better rocket ship.  They didn’t get out of their rocket ship.  The ship had special arms to fix the solar panels.

Soon the solar panels were fixed.  One of them had to be replaced.

The Toaster Aliens were so thankful and happy that they gave the astronauts a lifetime supply of Raisin Toast and Athlete’s Foot Soup.

The End

Here is the story that my 5 year old narrated to me…

Sibearty Never Wanted to Go Outside
by Tr. D.

Once upon a time there was a bear that never even went on a walk because he was afraid of the outdoors.  His name was Sibearty.

One day he went outdoors and an apple fell on his head.  He said to himself, “This is why I never go outdoors!”  He cried like a baby for 20 hours.

Finally, after crying for so long, he picked up the apple and took a bite right when a worm was sticking his head out.  Suddenly the worm said, “OH NO!!  YOU CAN’T EAT ME!!  I know a secret!”

Sibearty stopped eating the apple and wondered what the secret was.  He was about to find out.  The Worm said, “My secret is that there is a giant toaster in outer space.”

The bear went to his workshop and made a rocket.  He said to himself, “Maybe I should go to outer space instead of going for a walk because then an apple can’t fall on my head because there’s no apples in space and zero gravity.”


He climbed inside of his new rocket ship and launched himself to outer space.  He typed “Giant Toaster” into his computer.

One hour later he landed on the toaster.

All of a sudden all of the aliens were fighting.  They were fighting over what was best on toast, honey or jelly.

When the bear got there one of the aliens said, “Which option should be best?  Honey or Jelly.  I bet honey.”

Sibearty said, “Peanut butter.”

Then the aliens wanted to make him king because he invented peanut butter which they didn’t know about before.

Sibearty became angry because the aliens didn’t know what peanut butter was.  So he went home and an apple fell on the rocket ship instead of his head.


My 3 year old didn’t want to be left out…

The King’s Head by C. D.

The king ate puke soup and an apple fell on his head.

The End

(He’s such a good listener isn’t he?)

Here is the story that my 9 year old wrote…

The End of the Santa Clause Beard Galaxy by B.D.

Once upon a time, in the Santa Clause Beard Galaxy, there was a growing population of razor blades who were planning to destroy the galaxy and eat the lazy King Hotdog.  To do this, they would have to create a constantly growing glob of shaving cream so that they could destroy the galaxy and defeat the king’s task force, Hair Tonic One.  But all of those personal affairs were interrupted in the process of galaxy toasting, done by the Toaster 3000.  In the end, the Santa Clause Galaxy was practically beardless and the workers of the Toaster 3000 were busy eating Beard Toast.

The End

Wow.  Just Wow.  Not sure where to go with that one!

5 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. I think #2 son has found his calling!!! And #3 isn’t far behind! Such vocabularies! Good story line and character descriptions. Wow!

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