I don’t know why it is that DIY projects always take approximately 7 1/2 months longer than projected for us but they do.  Oh.  I know why.  We have a crazy busy life.  That’s at least part of it.  So now two rooms in the basement are almost 100% complete.  Few more baseboards here and there and pesky little things like doors still need to be installed.

Today we got the bathroom up to 97.5% completed.  We are happy with how it turned out for the most part.  The sink caused us some headaches but my Dad, the Plumber, saved the day.  Even from 2,000 miles away he saved the day.  I think when he fully retires from his day job he should start a Handyman Hotline where he answers how-to fix-it problem questions.  I think his tagline could be, “Saving marriages one call at a time…”  Or something like that because he spared us a real humdinger of an argument.  Thanks Dad!!  (And thanks for coming all the way to Canada last Summer to do all the prep work.  We are so so thankful!)

My wonderful wasn’t-born-a-handyman-but-has-become-a-good-one husband is to be most thanked as he has done a lot of work.  And I don’t think he’s cursed very much at all in the process.

So now for some pictures.  I apologize now for how discolored they are.  Indoor pictures in the evening are always very yellow or very flash-heavy.  I chose yellow and did my best to fix it in Photoshop mostly because I hate flash with a passion.  It’s a sickness.  I would probably feel less passionate if I had an off-camera flash but I don’t so I do.  Get it?






So our friends who are coming to visit on Monday will now have a nice bathroom of their own so they don’t have to share with my boys who are known best, in the world of bathrooms, for lots of pee on the toilet and lots of toothpaste on the counters and mirror.

Oh and did I ever mention that I have really strange/funny/wonderful children? I do.  Four of them in fact.

They enjoy giving each other wedgies.  And making themselves into little Humpty Dumpties (or as my oldest used to say when he was a baby, “HumpDumpies.”)  I’m sure it’s teaching them some very valuable life lesson of some sort.  Maybe how to take hazing in the best light possible.  Or something.




14 thoughts on “Tadaaaaa!

  1. Hey Nancy~
    Love the bathroom!! Where did you get the shower curtain and towel??? My 19 yo son Josh has always loved those kind of trees…bare in the winter. Ya know?!?
    Kelly in AR

  2. Great job on the bathroom! That is all we have left to do to finish our basement. I feel the itch to finish coming on so it may get done this year. And I love how you call your husband ‘wasn’t-born-a-handyman-but-has-become-a-good-one’ that would describe my husband too.

    BeachMama’s last blog post..A Wedding to Remember

  3. Nan,
    The bathroom looks amazing…I may just have to check it out sometime!!!
    Good job, Shawn!!

  4. Loooove the bathroom! And your boys are a hoot!! I just hope there was no um damage done in the making of the wedgies 😉 Hilarious!

  5. Nan,
    Beautiful! You have fabulous taste! I am seriously coveting your shower curtain! The sink looks wonderful.
    And, the boys? Absolutely the craziest bunch of boys I have ever seen…that makes me adore them all the more!

    Heather Davis’s last blog post..North Carolina

  6. The bathroom looks great! And, hey! I almost bought that same shower curtain online 4 days ago. The one I got instead arrived today, and I’m not so sure about it. I should have gone with the tree shower curtain!

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..Graduation

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