Remember back when I said I love pregnant friends… and I showed you pictures of this darling girl?



I believe I even told you that I just knew she was going to have a girl…

Well… I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice when it comes to my friends’ coming babies…

But I wasn’t this time.  And I’m really sorry (or not) that I have real difficulty in maintaining any self control when it comes to posting pictures of 3 day old babies.  Is it really possible to have too many?  Don’t answer that.  Let me live in this world of no limits just this once.


What a sweet little thing… And what a life she has ahead of her with all of those wonderful big brothers.

batman and baby

pink blankie




fist 2

looking for mommy



is that a smile











7 thoughts on “Bébé doux… Le Sigh

  1. Oh, I love those pudgy, wrinkly little feet. Now don’t you go and get MY baby juices going! It’s too late – I just can’t do it anymore. But part of me is still tempted in spite of everything.

  2. What a beautiful baby! I LOVE newborns. It always makes me want one when I see wonderful photos like these. I really like the one with Mommy touching her head–you can see the comfort that she feels.

    ruth’s last blog post..Boise

  3. Okay, ya know what I really dislike about newborns? (Ooh, can you believe someone dislikes something about newborns? Well, I almost said “hate”.) Their little umbilical cords really, really freak me out! I have belly button issues in general, though. I think it’s the thought of that clip thingy hanging from it. (I’m starting to feel queasy!)

    Other than that, though, these photos are darling and so are newborns. Great shots, Nan! Well, except for the cord photos, but I may not be looking at those with an unbiased eye.

  4. Hi I’m a long time friend of Holly’s from Monroe, LA. Those pictures are great and what a precious little subject you have! I’m so happy the Holly got her little girl and I LOVE the name. Please tell her hello for me and that we can’t wait to meet her here in the Deep South.

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