You all already know that the boys are all doing Karate now.  They are loving it and the Sensei told them they were all doing well enough to be able to go for grading next week which means that they might each earn a stripe on their belt.  Yay!

My youngest is still too young to participate so I sit on the side with him, though he wears a tiny little gi and when we’re at home practicing he tries to do all of the moves that his big brothers and Daddy are practicing.

Sitting on the sidelines it’s very easy to see what people are doing wrong when you are just watching but I realize how difficult it is to coordinate all of those different muscles at the same time, while listening, watching, maintaining proper stance… My mind hurts just thinking about it, I hate to think how my body will hurt when I finally start to do it myself.  That’s the plan anyways.  I will join when little guy is 5.  My core is quivering with fear.

But I just have to tell you about some of my favorite karate words.

My most favorite is:

Kakiwaki-uke –  You pronounce this like this Khaki Whacky Ookey.  But you have to say it super fast like you know what you mean and like you really mean it.  It’s really one of my new all time favorite words.  My three year old likes it too.

then there is:

Juji-uke – Joo Jee Ookey.  What this makes me think of I couldn’t say.  But I like it.

That’s all.  There are a lot of words you have to learn on top of everything else.  I’m pretty proud of how hard my boys are working.  By the time they are teenagers, they and their Dad will all be black belts.  I think I’ll feel pretty well protected.

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