In the six years we’ve lived in Canada we have always known that it CAN and has at some point in history snowed in every month of the year.  But we had never experienced it.  For us a couple of snowfalls in May and September have become the norm but the three sacred months of Summer had yet, in our time here, to be sullied with the colorless stain of snow, a blight on any Summertime forecast.

But we have been warned and have learned that in this country it is wise to never say never in regards to weather.

I’m sorry to our friends who have heard that such things were possible but were not “treated” to any of the white stuff during their visit with us last week.  On all of their three visits up here it has been warm and wonderful so they believe this whole snow thing is a great Canadian hoax.  We have told them to hang onto their hats (or toques as the case may be) for there will be plenty of snow all in good time.

But for now this image should suffice to remind them and myself never to say never.

Picture 32

There you have it, my friends.  This is our life.  I hope my tulips don’t curl up and die.

5 thoughts on “Never say never…

  1. Guess it wouldn’t do any good to go out and do some kind of reverse rain (snow) dance, would it? Sorry, Nan. If it’s any consolation, it’s been cool, cloudy, rainy, and even “thundery” all week here at home.

  2. Nan, so sorry you get to experience the snow in each month. If it’s any consolation to you it pretty much only happens in the city and province you live in, the rest of us really don’t get that kind of turnaround. It’s those rolling hills and distant mountains that make your weather crazy.

    Here’s hoping it doesn’t snow for you and you get really nice weather instead. I won’t tell you what it’s like here right now…

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  3. Thankfully this is the first June in which we’ve experienced this. It is snowing right now… The ground is so warm though that it’s not really sticking, thankfully!

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