I just read this story this evening…

Oregon Woman Obsessed With Rabbits Arrested Again

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore.  —  Washington County’s “Bunny Lady” is back in the hutch after violating a court order banning her from owning animals for five years. Miriam Sakewitz, 47, was arrested Tuesday at a hotel in the Portland suburb of Tigard after an employee reported finding rabbits hopping around in her room.

Problems for Sakewitz started in October 2006 when police in Hillsboro, about 15 miles west of Portland, found and confiscated nearly 250 rabbits in her home, including about 100 dead ones in freezers and refrigerators.

Police said she broke into the facility where the survivors were being cared for in January 2007 and stole most of them back. Authorities found her a few days later in Chehalis, Wash., with eight live rabbits and two dead ones in her car. Another 130 rabbits were recovered at a nearby horse farm.

Sakewitz was sentenced in April 2007 to five years probation and was banned from owning or controlling animals. She also was told not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit.

That summer, Sakewitz was ordered to spend three days in jail for violating her probation by keeping a rabbit in her house. County probation officer Susan Ranger also said Sakewitz had canceled counseling sessions and refused to open the door for unannounced visits. Ranger said she found no rabbits when she finally got inside but did find a half-empty 10-pound bag of carrots.

Since then, Sakewitz has remained “pretty quiet” — until this week, said Washington County probation officer Bob Severe. “We hadn’t heard much further from her,” he said, adding she was thought to be living in Clackamas County.

On Tuesday, Washington County animal control officers removed eight adult rabbits, five young ones and a dead one from Sakewitz’s hotel room, Tigard police spokesman Jim Wolf said.

Sakewitz was in custody Wednesday, and Wolf said he did not know if she had an attorney. She was to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon on animal neglect charges.

I’m sorry.  I know this isn’t really funny at all.  There are all sorts of little bunnies’ lives in jeopardy.  But I couldn’t for the life of me keep from laughing as I read.

My favorite lines:

She also was told not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit.”


Ranger (the probation officer) said she found no rabbits when she finally got inside but did find a half-empty 10-pound bag of carrots.

Why do I find this so funny?  It sort of reminds me of Wallace and Gromit:  The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Sounds like the investigators in Clackamas county might need the Bunvac 6000.

And now for the completely unrelated recipe (which contains neither hasen nor pfeffer… and no carrots either.)

Yummy Asparagus Oven Omelet

Preheat the oven to 400°

In a bowl whisk the following:

10 Eggs
1/2 cup (just over 1/2 a cup really) of milk
1 cup shredded cheese (I used what I had on hand — a cheddar jack mix and a few slices of ((gulp)) Kraft Singles cut up)
3 or 4 good shakes of Seasoning Salt
2 tsp. Taco salsa (Herdez if you have it) or a dash or two of Tabasco. It’s just to give it a bit of a kick.
4 green onions, chopped
a goodly sprinkling of real bacon pieces (you can be like me and use the Hormel kind from the bag or you can use real bacon if you have oodles of time… I was in a hurry.)

Mix it all up really well and then pour it into a greased/sprayed 9 inch. glass pie dish.

Next, cut the top 3 inches off of several pieces of asparagus.  I think I used about 12 or so.  Wash them and then give them a thin coating of extra virgin olive oil.  I just did this in my hand.  Held them over the sink and drizzled a bit of EVOO over them and turned them over in my hands until they were coated.  Next arrange them in the pie dish over the egg mixture.  They will sink a bit.  Don’t worry.

Place the pie dish on a baking sheet and bake for about 40-45 minutes depending on how hot your oven is.  You may want to check it after 30 minutes or so.  You want it to not be too jiggly in the middle.  I actually started checking it after 20 minutes and just kept setting the timer for 5 more minutes until it looked right.  It will be golden brown on top.  If it persists in its jiggliness and it’s already getting brownish on top, put some foil over it for the last bit of cooking.  When it is ready, remove from the oven and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.

I made this up on the fly tonight and it was super yummy.  I hope you enjoy it!  I would have taken a picture but it was too yummy and had to be eaten right away… plus my kitchen was a disaster because we also made these homemade doughnuts today for the first time.  Why?  Because they were eating them in this book that I am reading to my boys right now (don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Little House series isn’t appropriate for boys) and we decided that we like hands-on school projects that we can eat (maybe next week we will hollow out an old tree and smoke a hog.  Or not.)  Oh my stars. I highly recommend making them if you value your life (but not your glycemic index or you triglycerides.)  But to assuage your calorie-laden guilt, do like me and hand half of them out to your neighbors.  Spread the love and the calories.

8 thoughts on “Randomness and a Recipe

  1. OK…I had to comment today…because I live in Washington County, OR. Hillsboro, in fact! 🙂 And the same lines that cracked you up, cracked me up. And I love that Wallace and Gromit movie! And the omelet does sound yummy! 🙂

    Elaine’s last blog post..Tillamook

  2. Where’s the print button!?? 😉 hehehe

    Just had to say hello! I giggled too, and thought of Wallace and Grommit too while reading!! Though, if you think on it long enough, it really is sad. I’m glad you ended with yummiliciousness!

  3. “She also was told not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit.” LOL! I think nearly all of us are likely within 100 yards of a rabbit!

    Obviously she’s mentally ill, but I say let her be. There are worse addictions. I wonder if this has anything to do with Easter disappointments as a child?

    I miss you on facebook!

    Kila’s last blog post..Monday night, weekend review…

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