4 thoughts on “Beautiful and Fun

  1. Great assessment!
    That pack of boys! I bet you could add noisy to that list in your title…the waterfall and all…
    You have a talent in capturing moments, and faces. I love seeing you with your husband, too-very fun.

  2. Oh wow, is this what it looks like where you live? Every time I think of you I think of snow and frigid temperatures. Nice shots in there. The one with the little girl in pink looks like a kitten about to pounce. Very cute!

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Except Cleanliness

  3. We have quite the varied landscape when it’s not iced over! :^D It starts greening up in mid-late May and through June it gets quite green as it’s a pretty rainy month usually. To the east of us is prairie and to the west of us are the gorgeous foothills and beautiful valleys and then just beyond are the incredible Rockies… All of the beauty and variety of Summer make the long winter endurable! This spot is about 15 minutes NW of us. It’s called Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. It’s one of the kids’ new favorite spots!

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