We love to go for hikes and walks around our city.  Last week we went to one of North America’s largest urban parks.  Maybe it’s the long winters that make us truly enjoy the outdoors during the milder months.  Whatever it is, my boys thrive outside.  Their imaginations almost explode and they can’t seem to collect enough sticks and rocks. And it seems to really bring out the nice in them!


I’m also routinely advised of on what would be a great subject for a photograph.

“Mom!  I saw a bug!!”









And Birds.


And other creatures.  This deer stood and stared at us weird, wacky humans for a good 5 minutes straight.  Kinda spooky.  Can deer stare into your soul?



We can’t go on any kind of hike without our walking sticks (which don’t even reach the ground), you know.


I also took someone’s advice and got into one of the pictures.  I’m behind the camera so much I’m sometimes afraid there will one day be no proof that my children had me as a mother.  So here’s the proof.

boys and Me

Okay… and these are from a completely different outing/day but I’m pretty proud of this little guy riding his big boy bike.  This is my baby people!



3 thoughts on “Another Hike

  1. ohoh.. YES glad you listened to advice, and keep doing it, as that is a precious picture of you and the boys. Instead of “mom took this of me”, they have “this is me with my mom!”

  2. Nan,
    Sweet pictures yet again! Good for you to get in front of the camera. When Eric died many of the men in our church were convicted by the vast amounts of photos we had of Eric with the kids. There were thousands to choose from when they were putting together the slide show shown at his memorial. Many of these men had no pictures of them with their children. My kids will forever have a fabulous collection of photos that include their dad with them. As much a blessing as that beautiful photo of you and your boys!

    Heather Davis’s last blog post..Still Here!

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