All in a day’s play.  The following pictures are all from Friday.

Have I mentioned how much I love Summertime?  Here are my “boys of Summer” playing ball with their Dad yesterday afternoon.

Check out this wind-up!


AND the pitch!


Did you see the ball in mid-air?  Looks like Buster on the right there isn’t exactly prepared for what’s coming at him.  The pitcher in that scenario has decided that he LOVES baseball.  I told him that Uncle Phil would be proud because he was a pitcher in high school.  He then contrived a plan.  “After we go on our vacation this Summer, can we go to California please?”  “Why, so you can play ball with Uncle Phil?”  “Yeah.”  (He’s a very serious little boy.  There was nothing remotely “cute” about this conversation to him of course.)  Who knows, maybe a trip to California is possible in the not so distant future…




boys ball 2

Umm… my dog really loves to smell flowers.

sally smells iris

On the spur of the moment (by that I mean it was 5pm), I asked our dear friends if they wanted to come help us eat the ginormous bowl of pasta salad I had made for dinner. I’m so glad they are as spontaneous as we are. She brought tacos for the kids and we ate yummy pasta salad.  It was a beautiful arrangement.  Plus, the boys got to play together and my friend and I got to take pictures!!



Surely this much cuteness isn’t legal.  (Or at least it will soon be government regulated along with everything else.)




I love this one…






Oh, look!  The first strawberry of the season in our yard!  I ate it because I planted it and watered it and tilled the ground, etc.  Sorta like The Little Red Hen.  It was very yummy.





And that was our Friday.

5 thoughts on “Our Friday

  1. Uncle Phil was doing a bit of throwing and catching as well this past weekend! ;).
    I think your idea of traveling to CA is just grand! How I hope it works out in the near future!

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