There is a dear, dear little elderly woman at our church who is moving this week.  She is moving into a retirement facility.  We are all praying for her as she is quite sick and very forgetful.  Please pray for her if you think about it.  Her name is Joyce.  She has no family really so we, our church, are her family.

Because she is moving she has allowed us to care for her beloved piano.  It’s very hard though because her memory is failing and she forgets things from one minute to the next so right now she has forgotten that her piano is safely in our home.  She’s unsure of where it has gone.  I feel so bad but thankfully her new place has a piano which she will be able to play.

Here is the one that she has very graciously bequeathed to us.



There is one little boy who is especially thankful right now.  He wants to be a musician and an artist and a story teller when he grows up.  I do believe he has it in him.







This I just have to show you because I can’t believe the deal I got on it.  We are planning to have a little eating nook in our basement when it is finished.  I’ve wanted to have a somewhat vintage feel to it.  The Piano certainly helps but this stainless steel/Arborite table and chairs (6 chairs altogether and a leaf for the table) which are right out of my memories at Grandma’s house were an absolute steal at $60 from a man who was selling them on kijiji.  Best thing is, he does this as a hobby and donates the money to The Mustard Seed which is a downtown ministry to the homeless where our church helps serve breakfast once a month.



It was exactly what I’ve been trolling the used ads for for months.


As you can see, the basement is almost completely drywalled.  We are this close to taping and mudding which to us will feel like we are just about home free.

8 thoughts on “A Piano

  1. Wow! What a gift! I’m glad there is a piano where she is – so she’ll feel more at home. Those are great goals for #3! Love the table too! I need to show you some of our recent vintage schoolroom purchases!

  2. Are you sure you need the table and charis. I’m not sure you do. Maybe you should ship them to me.. and I’ll take them off your hands!

  3. Bittersweet, indeed. Joyce has been prayed for 🙂

    I am excited for your new basement! I adore the vintage look, myself, and that dining set brings back such good memories!

  4. Thanks for being my first friend at Tasty Kitchen. Just got my login today so it’s taking me awhile. I’ve bookmarked you – looks like we have A LOT in common, four boys, homeschoolin’, and I’m married to a hot reformed carpenter who reads theology for fun. Can’t figure out where your email contact is, so just thought I’d say HI.

    FishMama’s last blog post..Ingredients for a Fun Family Night: A Panda Feast

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