Yesterday evening we arrived home after a wonderful and much needed vacation.  We’d been burning the candle at both ends for quite a while to the point that I think there was almost no candle left.  We were really able to relax and enjoy.

We went to beautiful Vancouver Island.  I had been there a handful of times during my high school years as it is a favorite destination of my parents.  The Pastor and the children had never been though.  We took it slow getting there. Drove and stayed with friends along the way for the most part.

Day 1 we drove from Calgary to a little town near Shuswap Lake, a large and lovely lake nestled in the Western reaches of the Canadian Rockies, stretching in every direction for miles and miles and miles. Here is the very corner of one of its western arms.

Shuswap Lake

It is also probably one of the most tempting looking lakes I’ve ever driven by.  There are always a few hundred houseboats, lots of jet skis (my water sport of choice because I am a control freak), ski boats and other various and sundry sun-worshipers.  Another dream vacation of mine would be (when the boys are teenagers), renting a houseboat and a couple of jet-skis and spending a few days doing nothing but jet skiing and lazing about on a houseboat.

A little ways south of the lake lies the beautiful Summer home of some of our friends from church.  They allowed us to stay in their guest house and swim in the river that their property backs onto.  It was very, very hot and muggy (just a foretaste of the rest of the week) that day so the river was just the ticket.  Unfortunately the mosquitoes were not just the ticket but they were the opening and closing act so we had to put up with them anyway.

The kids immediately jumped into their bathing suits and into the river.  I don’t have those pictures up yet but they also spent a goodly amount of time on the playground…






whilst I spent a couple of minutes doing this…

feet hammock

and The Pastor spent a couple of minutes trying to get used to the concept of relaxation (thankfully he caught on by about day two.)

relaxing take 1

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