First of all, before I tell you about our third day of vacation, I need to ask you to pray for me.  Ever since coming home I have not felt well.  I pretty much have felt like I’ve been on a boat for almost a week now.  I wasn’t really on a boat all that long though (just an 1 1/2 hours on our last ferry ride to the mainland.)  We did spend some time each day on a dock and did some tubing (behind a boat) on our last day of vacation.  I’m not sure what exactly kicked this into gear on this trip but through some research I have figured out that I probably have developed something called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.  Sounds neat because it’s in French and all but I can tell you first hand, it is anything but fun and has pretty much made me decide to never get on another boat again if I can avoid it.  I suffered with a very mild version of this after my last train trip but then it didn’t bother me enough to google for answers — only bugged me when I was in small spaces.  This time I am afflicted by this rocking, bobbing and swaying feeling all of the time (standing, sitting or lying down) along with headaches, fatigue and a general malaise.  Please pray that this goes away quickly as it’s quickly becoming somewhat debilitating and sapping my energy and ability to be productive.  As a mom of four boys and two dogs, you can imagine why I can’t really afford to feel this way for very long.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch but am editing pictures and blogging tonight to try to get my mind off of the boat!  I want off the boat dang-it!  Your prayers are much appreciated.

Now back to vacation…

Day 3 had us leaving the charming town of Aggasiz and embarking (oh that word… blah!) on a ferry to Vancouver Island.  Our ferry wasn’t scheduled to leave until 2pm though so, on the advice of our hosts, we drove down to Harrison Lake for a morning stroll.  It was such a beautiful lake with low hanging clouds hugging the steep mountains on either side.

Harrison Lake dock

Here is The Pastor beginning to enjoy his vacation.

sh hl

Here he is with his emotional clone.  They both have a hard time when they know they are supposed to be having fun.


“Don’t worry buddy.  I know how hard having fun can be sometimes.”


It’s good when father’s can understand their sons.

The day before our visit to the lake the community had had an arts festival.  I had to take a picture of their beautiful sand sculpture commemorating the event.




Long boat races were also part of the event.


After our short time visiting the lake we headed to the ferry and on over to the port of Nanaimo.

to Nanaimo

We arrived at our beautiful vacation spot late in the afternoon… and promptly began to enjoy the flowers, the beach and the swimming pool.

My kids are all water bugs.  No surprise there.  I am pretty much a fish myself. But I hate swimming with real fish.  Blech.

The pool…







The beach…


tiny crab2

tiny crab catch

view dock2

weirdest mural

t tide pools

tr tide pools


bt tidal pools


c tide pools


rusty chains

sea slurry2


flowers view





This was the view from our room.

afternoon view

3 thoughts on “Vacation Day by Day: Day 3

  1. Nan, beautiful pics. I love the ones of your family, always, and the one of the boats is so cool. Sorry to mention it!
    Oh, I do hope you feel well soon. I am so sorry to hear about that, and will indeed pray for your recovery!

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