vic harbour

I’m just going to copy an e-mail I sent out to friends and family…

Hey praying friends and fam.  Some of you have heard from me asking for prayer about this already and some of you have not.  I went and saw the Dr. yesterday after a week of feeling like I’m on a boat (coupled with headaches and a general feeling of malaise and fatigue) and he gave me the diagnosis of Labyrinthitis, prescribed an anti-vertigo med which so far isn’t working at all and a nasal steroid to help clear out any excess fluids.  Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue them!  He didn’t really clue me in on when I could expect to feel better or anything like that so I had to let my fingers do the walking.  Here is an explanation of what it is: Labyrinthitis.

I went looking for other people’s personal experiences with Labyrinthitis last night as I was having a pretty hard time falling asleep on this stupid ship my ears/brain have created (I’m thinking the Evil Ship Lolly Gag-Me might be a good name for it).  My search led me to this rather depressing page… the reading is not so encouraging.  I mean, it’s encouraging that it apparently eventually goes away and that people are supporting one another (before the internet they all would have probably gone nuts thinking they were the only ones going through this.)  Very discouraging in how long it can take to fully resolve.  Please pray that mine does not last as long as it is for many of these poor people.

Please pray for complete and quick healing as I have children that need to be learning and a husband and house that need attention too.  I’m already also beginning to experience sore muscles from the constant felt need to stabilize myself.  So pray for that as well.  From what I have read it is helpful to cut salt, caffeine and chocolate from the diet so I imagine I will begin doing that… probably another item of prayer!  Coffee and chocolate?!  Cruel world!!

with love and thanks for your prayers and thoughts,


7 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Oh dear, Nan! I didn’t read any of the links yet, but what you describe sounds so yucko. I will pray for your healing, and for provision for all of your family’s needs. You could introduce massage therapy into your homeschooling curriculum…

  2. Hey Nan,

    Praying for you! Hang in there and hopefully we can look back at your trip on the “Evil Ship Lolly Gag-Me” and laugh about that. Because I really want to laugh at that but it doesn’t seem right.

    Take care.

  3. Nan, so sorry to hear this…must be really miserable! i will be praying.

    we have a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with vertigo…don’t know if it is same form or not, but he has been doing physical therapy exercises. and it seems to be working.

    i pray your condition will will be healed and be healed quickly!

    leah belle’s last blog post..How To Make a Bead Bracelet From Magazine Pages

  4. Our family will be praying for you! This so reminds of a 20/20 show I saw about people who suffered very similar symptoms after cruises and other boating excursions. How they felt like were constantly at sea when they returned home. Crazy stuff!
    So glad we serve a God who is SO much bigger than any illness…praying for a full manifesting of healing for you!

  5. You and your family have our prayers of course, Nan! Michelle said it best, and I agree: our God is so much bigger than anything you are going through, and He has blessings for you and yours while you heal. Email me anytime!

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