So, I told you that I would tell you about my sleep clinic but now I feel like it’s such a boring topic.  It involves sleep.  And a clinic.  And a lot of electrodes and a technician with a heavy accent.  I slept and they recorded my brainwaves and my brainwaves proved that I had a bad night’s sleep even on a sleeping pill.  That about covers the sleep clinic.  I thought about taking a picture of myself with the electrodes all over but alas, I was too tired which is good because I was at a sleep clinic and my whole job was to go to sleep.  Thankfully in the meantime my sleep has slowly begun to improve (though I wouldn’t go so far as to call it good.)  And I am still relying on a sleeping pill to get me through the night.  I cut the tip off of it last night in hopes of beginning to taper off of it and I could tell the difference in my sleep quality.  In two weeks we have an appointment with the sleep doctor to work on a possible treatment options so hopefully we can come up with something.  Next week I have a CT scan and sometime I will have a regular EEG.  Generally speaking I am beginning to feel a bit better each day.

Today I was even able to take pictures of a friend of mine.  As you can see, the reason for the pictures was time sensitive so I thought it best to not put her off until I felt fully 100%.  I can’t remember 100%.  I’m not sure it even exists but if it does I hope I do operate at it some day.  I imagine it would be a very nice place to be.

And now for a sampling of the day’s pictures.
















4 thoughts on “Good things…

  1. Such lovely pictures!

    I am glad you are on a road to recovery/discovering what is going on/finding answers (hopefully!). Your wonderful sense of humor still shines through, Nan. I am going to pray for your appointments.

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