Wanted to share this paper that my son wrote today. It’s his first “big” paper.

Why America is Great

By Burke E. D.

1 October, 2009

I believe America is great for a great many reasons. First, the founding fathers recognized that all men have God- given rights. God- given rights and man by design were meant to be inseparable.

Some of these rights that are valuable to Americans are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government, by law, does not have the power to take people’s unalienable rights.

The founders of America saw that government should be small because they knew what life was like under the tyranny of King George. They didn’t want our nation to suffer tyranny ever again.

Another reason that I think America is great is that all Americans are equal no matter what age, race or religion they are. To have success in America you can be from any country or class, whether rich or poor.

Many have died for our country’s freedom to keep American principles alive. We must honor our lawgivers but when they are unjust we must seek justice and fight for freedom.

I’m very proud and thankful to be an American.

4 thoughts on “Just sharing…

  1. Nancy,
    I’ve been trying to get you emailed since you first got sick but life…. You and I are walking eerily similar paths and I wanted to let you know I’m right there with ya, lots of prayers for you, a good Puritan book suggestion that’s helping me, encouragement that public school hasn’t damaged our kids-yet (smile and a wink), just to get back in touch.

    Congrats to the budding author!

    Andrea Mikeal

  2. Nice article. Shouldn’t he be proud to be an American who lives in Canada with all this country has to offer? Including troops who fight to keep us safe as well?

  3. Hi Jane, I don’t think a child’s first paper about his country of origin should suggest that he doesn’t appreciate the country in which he has grown up. He wrote the paper and he came up with the idea and his reasons. But I do know that he loves the country in which he lives… and he can write about that when he wants to also. :^)

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