What happens when a 4 year old boy decides he is going to close the pantry door by kicking it with a socked foot?  When guardian angels are on the job, NOTHING besides having his sock nipped off by the angry jagged points of the plate glass in the door.


I wasn’t home for this event.  I was out with girlfriends.  The Pastor was probably in his office.  When he heard the shattering and the screams he ran in and swooped up the boy expecting to see a bloodbath.  No blood.  Not a drop.  Perhaps a tiny sliver of glass in a toe which has yet to be found (the glass, not the toe.)

Thank you Jesus for allowing my baby to keep his life and his foot!!  Amen.

And now to track down the dork who came up with the bright idea of putting glass in a pantry door!!  (Read the following in a Napolean Dynamite voice if you will.) IDIOTS. GOSH. As you can see another child previously had a less serious run-in with the pane to the right of the sock murdering one.  Something tells me safety glass would have been a better idea for a high traffic area.

3 thoughts on “Guardian Angels and 4 Year old Boys

  1. I don’t know about you, but those things suck a little bit of my life out, Princess Bride style, when I see them happen. if I am not there, I don’t wig out – as bad. Glad he’s ok.


    good yarns’s last blog post..New friends

  2. Yikes…I’m so glad he was okay. Glass is such a scary thing sometimes!
    When Christian was three-ish we had bought a new framed picture and were debating where to put it. We had propped it up on the back of our sofa to see if it would look okay above it. And then we left it there–HELLO STUPIDS. (I’m glad Napoleon Dynamite doesn’t live here…we’d never here the end of it) I was in the kitchen and heard screaming from the living room, and honestly I can’t remember if I heard the crash or not. Michaela came running and shouting about the picture being on top of Christian.
    I ran in our living room and there he was lying on the back of the couch with the picture frame tipped over him; it had fallen forward so that the front of it was face down, and the top of it was now leaning on the seat cushions, if that makes sense. I got everything set right side up, and pulled Christian off the couch, like your husband, expecting blood or something, since the glass covering the picture had broken. Christian had no cut whatsoever, but the dagger-like piece of glass that was stabbed into our couch makes my stomach turn to this day. The rip is about two inches long, and I am not kidding about the piece of glass that did the damage. The piece that is missing from your door in the above picture makes me think of the one that was in our cushion.
    I am so very grateful that your little one was not hurt!!
    I do have to say that I laughed out loud when I read that the piece of glass was missing, not the toe. You are too funny.
    I am also glad to hear that you had some time with girlfriends!! I hope you were able to relax and have fun, as well as glean all that good stuff one can when out with the girls (refreshment, joy, a different kind of strength)!

  3. WHEW!!!!! Yes, what’s up with glass doors on a pantry? I would want a solid door to cover what goes on inside!!! Maybe that’s just me…. Glad you had a nite out!

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