Please try to ignore the fact that I am very delinquent in reporting on my “baby’s” fourth birthday.  But it’s amazing to me that it was a whole month ago.  I’m not sure where all the time goes.  If I could find the black hole in the universe where all of the days, months and years that go by without a mother’s permission I think it would take up, like, a lot of space.  Like a really big number of light years of space. But that is what happens when kids are sick for weeks on end.  All of the days and weeks just start melting together and running down the drain like so much rainwater.

I don’t know why but I just knew the night before that my baby was going to wake up sick on his birthday.  Call it a sixth sense or something but I just knew it, even though he had no signs of being sick the night before.  He was the last one to get it though so I knew it was only a matter of time.  He came into my room crying that morning with a blazing fever and a scratchy, “Mommy!  My fwoat hurts!” followed by a seal-like coughing fit.  Poor baby.  He didn’t even remember it was his birthday.

I swooped him up and sang happy birthday to him and got him some Advil.  Then I brought him downstairs and got him set up on the couch with a pillow and blankets, preparing him for a day of watching T.V.

Normally we do birthday presents after dinner and before cake but this child looked too pathetic…


My ovaries made me run upstairs and wrap his presents right then.  We are not very particular about wrapping around here.  It just gets ripped up anyway so we use brown crumpled paper and newspaper if that’s what we have lying around.  It was a very quick wrapping job.

That morning the big brothers, who were also all sick, ran around the house concocting presents for their little brother and making cards.  It was so sweet.  They went around gathering treasures that they thought he would enjoy, putting them all into a decorated shoe box.


Treasures such as a coloring book and a baggy of marbles…


And a used notepad and Pokemon cards…


After he opened these gifts he declared in an unconscionably cute scratchy voice, “This is the best bewthday evah!”

I particularly liked the cards…



He had to stop and refuel a few times…


Then he opened Mom and Dad’s expertly wrapped gifts… this was the one he had asked for…


(And yes, those are pony tail holders holding that gift closed on either end.  Hey, it’s what I had on hand!)




And he also liked this little ornament…




I couldn’t resist him in his cape with that enormous lolly pop.



Later we had pumpkin bars for his birthday cake.


It turned out to be a very sweet little birthday.  I still can’t believe my “baby” is four!  I’m going to go looking for that black hole.

2 thoughts on “Nevermind that it was a month ago…

  1. I was just thinking of that black hole, full of the moments that make up motherhood that just fly away… My oldest is 15.5 (she’s been saying almost 16 since the day after her birthday — 16 is huge to her!) and the rest of them are not too far behind…. Oh, how i pray that the Lord will show me the precious moments — I don’t want to miss any of them because I’m too busy doing stuff that doesn’t matter! I ask Him to help me love them every day, and hear them (sometimes I actually choose to ignore them and how I will regret that in a few years!!!), and know them now while they are here, so that I will have a friendship with them later when they are not.
    My oldest went on her first plane trip (without me!) last week and had a marvelous time with her kindred spirit best friend several states away. And all week I thought about letting her go when it is time. It is a good part of life, but I sure am not too excited about the speed of its coming. So, back to prayer – only God can calm my pounding heart as i think of it. Only He can help me do now what will matter then.
    Nan, thanks for your recent posts (Birthday and the smile pox) – they made me smile and they sound like joyful Nan! Hope you are feeling better and better each day, and that God continues to speak to you through this challenging season.
    Much love in Christ,
    Jen in NY

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