1.  I woke up this morning sounding like an angry sea lion with laryngitis.  It ain’t purty folks.  Really.

2.  My big brother is getting married in 20 days. He is going to become a husband, a father (by way of adoption at least), a step father and a father in law all in one year.  And then I can only imagine possibly a “Step Grand Daddy” is a few years around the corner.  This gives me the giggles.  I think that many role changes might give a lesser man a case of hives.  But he seems to be taking it all in stride (though his bride to be could better tell how he is adjusting to all of this than I!)

3.  I just listened to my husband teach a macro-economics lesson to my 9 year old.  He has wanted to be an Economist ever since he was 7.  They are using one of two books to guide their discussion at this point;  Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt and A University of Calgary Macro-Economics text book that we got at a local used bookseller’s shop.  He absolutely eats it up.

But possibly the best juxtaposition of listening to this Father-son macro-economics lesson was at the end when my husband said, “Dude, you’re wiping boogers on my chair.  That’s not cool.  I think I’m going to give you your own monogrammed hanky.”

4.  I got the prettiest dress and little jacket to wear to the wedding.  I love weddings.

5.  I am looking forward to an adventurous train ride from Montana to California and almost a month off of Calgary winter.

6.  It has been unseasonably warm through most of November.  I don’t remember a more pleasant November in all our almost 7 years of living here!  It’s a balmy 37°F out there right now and sunny.

7.  I am very thankful for dear friends.

8.  The last several months really took me off my photography game to the point that I constantly forget my camera when I really want to bring it.  I used to bring it everywhere with me, even when I really didn’t need to.  Don’t let me forget to bring it on our California trip!

9.  My husband rocketh.

10.  I bought fresh bagels the other day and forgot all about them so therefore they are now fit for dog chew toys.  I ate one for breakfast and my jawline now probably resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s because of the intense workout.

3 thoughts on “Disconnected Cars in My Train of Thoughts

  1. Nan, this is rich. You’re back – with bells on. Can’t wait to pick you all up at the Jack London station in two weeks Woo Hoo!!!

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