We are home from our adventures in California!  We had a splendid time with family, eating Mexican food and basking in the summer-like (comparatively speaking) temperatures!

Whenever my Dad is within 50 yards of a person who knows how to work a camera he begins imagining pictures that he would like to have taken.  He conjures them up in elaborate thought bubbles over his head as he falls asleep at night. These images are more detailed than the vague sugar plums that dance in the noggins of children each Christmas Eve.  He has them masterfully designed to create the most convincing illusion of chaos possible.  The only thing is… he wants chaos captured in pictures filled with wild children and only slightly tame animals so there is really very little convincing to do to make things appear legitimate in that regard.  It’s a photographer’s dream I tell you.

Once he conjured up this baby:


and this:


This Christmas it was this masterpiece:

Gpa's Chaos

and this:

Gpa's Chaos 6

What a great Grandpa this guy is.  He’s every kid’s dream Grandpa.  He takes them for “Grandpa walks”, randomly buys them things on a stroll through the mall, watches cartoons with them for hours on end, takes them out to eat yummy foods, gives them money in envelopes suspended in the branches of the Christmas tree, makes really crazy faces and generally knows how to have a good time.  What’s not to like?

I mean… he might be a wee bit crazy.


and he may have funny taste in Christmas decor….

classy christmas decor

But he’s a great Grandpa.

Gpa's Chaos 3

And he plays a mean game of balderdash…

(this is him as his definition of the word “hilding” was being read. His definition was, “A potential gelding that headed for the hills.”)

5 thoughts on “Grandpa's Chaos

  1. Nan…I love this post! Your dad, now my father-in-law, was quite fun to watch as he was describing what the picture with his grandchildren should look like.
    And, although there were many laughs throughout Balderdash, I believe that your dad’s entry, by far, gained the lion’s share with a few tears thrown in for good measure.
    I can’t say it enough…I am blessed to be a part of this family.

    Heather Olsson’s last blog post..Merry Christmas!

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