Tigah is my brother’s/Dad’s kitty. They are always fighting over whom Tigah loves the best but I stand by the idea that Tigah is an equal opportunity lover of humans as I found him in my bed several times during our stay in California. I have the flea bites to prove it. Flea bites notwithstanding, Tigah has effectively regenerated all of catdom as far as I’m concerned. I have had a bad run with cats over the past several years but Tigah has closed the ugly rift between me and cats and has won me over once again. I will never own any other kind of cat, or be owned rather, by any other kind of cat than an orange tabby. He was the most tolerant dog-like cat I’ve ever met.

Tigah enjoys basking in the sun in the middle of my parent’s quiet private street. He rarely has to do battle with traffic. He may have to skitter out of the way 15 or 20 times a day but on the whole he owns the street.

You want proof?  You came to the right place, my friend…

B streetcat11

Move?  Me?  What?

B streetcat2

You want me to move?  I couldn’t think of it.

B Streetcat4

Well, actually now that you mention it.  I could go for a wee bit of a stretch.

B streetcat6


B streetcat7

Oh baby.

B streetcat8

Boy.  This moving business isn’t all that bad.

B streetcat9

Boy, was that ever an overexertion!

B streetcat10

I’m spent.

B streetcat1

While he doesn’t have to fend off too many vehicles, he does have an arch nemesis that lives up the street.

A very pesky and vocal little fellow whom I have named Pedro, to protect the not-so-innocent, lives up the street from Tigah. Pedro thinks he’s much larger than he appears. He thinks he’s much more intimidating than he is. He thinks he’s hot stuff. He’s very full of himself when a threat is far enough to appear smallish but shaky and simpering when said threat moves close enough to show Pedro otherwise. In short, he’s your typical little dog. All talk.

One day all of the kids were out front playing and I was taking pictures of them when Pedro began barking at that (say the following in a stuck up Pedro-like accent) “stupid insolent little tiny kitty cat that lies lazily about the street batting at insects in the middle of the road.” Tigah was not about to take this insult lightly. What a calm and self-confident kitty he is though. He simply sat and stared at Pedro as Pedro yammered on about lazy kitty cats and how large he believes he is.

A t vs chi 1

Tigah appeared to yawn sarcastically to get a rise out of Pedro.
This made Pedro very nervous.

A t vs chi 2

And Pedro began to haphazardly lope (translation: turn tail and run like the dickens) back home.  Tigah casually got up and followed.

A t vs chi 3

Pedro stopped to look back.   And yeah, verily would he have trembled in his tiny insignificant little boots if he had had any boots in which to tremble.
A T vs Chi 4
Pedro wondered where the stupid street mongrel of a kitty cat had gone to.  Much to his chagrin, Tigah hid undetected behind a bush, ready to pounce at any moment.  Casually of course.  Always cool and casually.

A T vs Chi 5
Then Pedro’s owner came out and called him away from the helpless riffraff kitty cat.  So Tigah once again casually loped away since the puny punisher Pedro had gone away.

But as soon as Tigah had sauntered off Pedro returned to issue a final warning.

“I showed you stupid insignificant little kitty cat.”

A t vs chi 6
“Man… Everybody knows not to mess with Pedro.  Nobody messes with Pedro.  I tell you…”

A t vs chi 7

The End


And to prove how much I really like Tigah there are several pictures.

A Tigah7

A Tigah6

A Tigah5

A Tigah4

A Tigah2

A Tigah1

A Tigah mustang

Yes, okay.  So I bought a cat a tie.  What of it?

x Tigah1

A Nan Tigah

One thought on “Tigah Vs. Pedro

  1. Just showed this to Dad. So funny! I’ll never look at “Pedro” the same way again. Or Tigah. My favorite picture is the basket one. I knew that would come out great. I’m glad you liked our putty tat.

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