My boys love going to California.  They love Grandma’s apple tree which they climb.  They love the weather which allows them to play outdoors even in December.  They love going on Grandpa walks.  They love going to Val’s diner.  But most of all they love their cousins.  They were anticipating this trip even doubly so because there were new cousins waiting for them on the other side of Uncle Phil’s wedding!

There will be more forthcoming but here are some pictures of fun times with cousins.

Playing in Grandpa’s Mustang.

A kids mustang 2

A kids driving mustang

A Cdrivingmustang

A BG C mustang

Feeding birds…

x birdfeeding

BG feeding birds

cooper feeding birds

One for you…


and one for me!

x ciera eating birdbread

x A feedingbirds

And okay, these aren’t pictures of cousins.  But you have to see some of the birds we fed.  These seagulls are so well-trained that they come and hover right in front of you and catch the bread in their beaks mid-air.  It’s quite impressive.

x seagull

What bread? Mine? Mine? Mine?

x geesecoming

What?  Bread ran out?  Talk to the tail feathers!

x goosebutts

x goose1

x ducks1

One of these birds just doesn’t belong here… one of these birds just isn’t the same….

x itsokaytobedifferent


These two were due to be born on the same day pretty much.  But my little guy came five weeks early and his sweet little cuz came two weeks early.  But they really are the exact same age.  I promise.


Loads of cousins gathering ’round Uncle Phil and Aunt Heather (or Mommy and Daddy for two of them) to watch them open a Christmas present.



picture of picture

Very old tradition this… sliding down Grandma and Grandpa’s stairs.  We used to do this when we were little.  It’s pretty crazy and loud and almost always ends with someone being injured but does that stop the fun from happening?!  NEVER!




What a bunch of crazy hooligans…

Crazy Cousins

Crazy Cousins 2

3 thoughts on “Fun times with cousins…

  1. Oh, you should try it in a sleeping bag. It takes it to the next level. :^) We almost brought them out but with that many kids the potential for injury really amps up when you add in the sleeping bags!

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