Sorry to my readers with cat allergies or major feline aversions.  I hope your eyes aren’t puffing up and your nose isn’t dripping.  I hope you are not beginning to scratch like crazy the way I do when I know there is someone in a five mile radius who has had lice in the last month.

Did I mention that up until recently cured by the feline pictured above I had a clinically measurable emotional reaction to the idea of ever loving a cat?  It has mostly to do with the fact that the last cat I had literally ingested and passed through its bowels anything knitted or made of any kind of yarn.  Said feline also routinely urinated in any basket that held clean laundry.  Dirty laundry?  NO.  Clean laundry was all that would do for her elimination location requirements.  But I’ve been redeemed and have repented of my cat loathing ways!

And now I shall torture you cat-haters in the audience with several more pictures of a certain friendly orange kitty.

He has many favorite spots to lounge but the sun-splashed coffee table is one of his favorites.




Mr. Cool Cat likes to stretch out as long as he possibly can in any number of warm locations.  Here he is but a few feet away from a roaring fire in woodstove.

--Tigah4 painting


Doesn’t he look so intelligent and above us all wearing that super smart tie?


He is so tolerant of kids….


to a point.  Then he starts praying for Jesus to take the wheel.


3 thoughts on “Just a little more Tigah…

  1. Nan, I laughed so hard at the “Jesus take the wheel…!” You had so many more pics of him…! And why didn’t you post the ones of him chasing the little “chiwawa” dog up the street?!

  2. I did! A few days ago. Go to my main (home) blog page and scroll down and you will see that series of pictures with my story along with it. :^D

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