It’s similar to culture shock but weather instead of culture.  Simple enough.  Going from a month in California to Canada can be a bit of a jolt to your system.  Not only is the water harder (my poor hair) and the air drier (my poor skin) but it is just a wee tad cooler here.  Say 50 or 60 degrees so.  We are obviously acclimatizing though as today it is much warmer than the last few days and it’s only 3°F with windchill.  And that’s nice enough that we are just about to head out on a sledding jaunt.  It’s imperative to get out of the house whenever humanly possible in this climate because you never know how long a warm spell is going to last before the bone-snapping cold returns with a vengeance.

Yesterday the boys got out in the powdery stuff for a good hour.  In California I got quite used to them being outdoors most of the time so it has been an adjustment having them indoors for most of the day once again.  Changes, changes… such is life and we must roll with it!

This was the first time the boys got to play outside in the snow with both of the dogs.  We brought Sally home late last April and we never really took her out to play in the late Spring snows or the early fall snows so we didn’t realize how much she loves the white stuff. She is a regular snow bunny though.





She and my oldest boy spent about 45 minutes wrestling for a couple of sticks.










She follows the age old mantra, “No matter what, always keep your eye on the STICK!”


“I just know you want to give that to me.  Really, you do.  Looook into my eyes… I am your master.  You are getting VERY sleepy.  You will give me that stick NOW!”



Nope.  No such luck.  Master knows who’s master.  Jedi mind tricks do not work on this kind.




I love watching how much fun my boys have with their dogs.

Bruce has a one-track mind when there is any kind of ball or other rounded object in his presence so he pretty much just walks around the yard holding a frozen tennis ball in his mouth.  Should he discover a second ball at any point he will try to get it in there too which is its own form of entertainment.


He looks suspiciously upon anyone who even has a hint of a twinkle of an inkling of an idea of taking his ball from him.


My baby there (who is getting impossibly large for being my baby) spends most of the time sampling snow from different parts of the yard.  I wonder if he can tell the difference between regions of snow.



“This one has a very piquant after dinner taste.”



And this fellow lives in his own world when he is outside.  Carrying around chopped down trees that have yet to be disposed of and batting at piles of snow while talking to himself.




One thought on “Weather Shock

  1. thanks for your compliments, nancy! i’m incredibly jealous of all that snow you guys have up there!!! so fun,..!!! hope you are well! did you get to see the bottomley’s while they were visiting?

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