Earth and Man
By Nancy Doud

From the towering trees to the tiniest seeds
Your voice commanded the most glorious deeds.
Oceans are rolling and roiling and boiling,
The earth and its creatures are ceaselessly toiling.

But man brought a curse to each square inch of earth
in deciding the fruit was of more infinite worth.
And every day since the earth lets out its groans
crying out to its God in earth shattering moans.

And yet for the curse that has brought about weeds
the earth still obeys the fulfiller of needs.
The trees of the fields, their hands they will clap,
The rocks will cry out where man’s voice leaves a gap.

Earth knew its master when His feet touched the ground
It recognized Him when His voice made a sound.
Seas became still when He told them to hush.
When He spoke even fish, to the nets, made a rush.

At the sound of His voice the earth opened up wide
And then closed up again when its meal was inside.
Heaven rained fury when God wished it so
And rainbows appeared, His compassion to show.

Though the earth is not silent and teaches man how
to fall down at His feet and worship Him now,
to cry out and to lift holy hands up in prayer,
Man shuts his ears with a curse and his fist in the air.

Yet even for these the earth brightly diffuses
His splendor and wonder so there are no excuses.
The heavens are shouting the glories abroad
of The One who turns fist shakers into children of God!

From the tiniest babe who has yet to take breath,
to the oldest of cynics on the brink of his death,
all earth, seas and heaven exist to display
The one who puts hearts into vessels of clay.

4 thoughts on “Another poem…

  1. Oh. Wow. This and ‘Worry’..both wonderful. (Yes, I still lurk now and again, and hope to make it more often. And yes, I still pray for you too!)

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