Last year sometime I pitched the idea of self-publishing a book of writings of my Great Grandmother’s, my Grandmother’s, my Mother’s, my sister’s and mine to my Mom and sister. We all wanted to do it but life got in the way and we didn’t think about it again until my sister called me several weeks ago and suggested that we go ahead and get it going since my Mom’s very important (numerically speaking) birthday was coming up. She lit the fire under me and when there is a fire lit under me I really get bubbling. So I worked day in and day out on the project for the past several weeks, sometimes hours at a time and I finished the project earlier this week.

I decided to use Blurb to self-publish this volume as I have used Blurb in the past and was quite satisfied. My sister just presented my Mom with the book tonight and happily my Mom loves it. It turned out beautifully. The book is really a tribute to God’s covenental faithfulness throughout the generations. And it is about living on Christ in all stations of life. Here is the poem I wrote for the introduction…

Our Written Ovation

From every language and translation
The Lord creates one holy nation
Working in them His Salvation.
He the rock, the sure foundation
invites us into celebration.
Lord, make altar building our vocation!
We the Choir and Congregation
Lift Him high in adoration.
Here we set our contemplation
of His faithful allocation
and his blessed cultivation
through each passing generation.
Lord, make altar building our Vocation!
Here we set a demonstration
of His faithful confirmation
through the covenant relation.
Join we now the conversation
from whisperings and meditation
to shouts of praise and invocation,
Lord, make altar building our vocation!
Here we see the transformation,
wrought through time and through life station,
from fear and pain to liberation
by His own son’s compensation.
May our words and presentation,
be a written standing ovation
of Christ’s cherished incarnation.
Lord, make altar building our vocation!

And here is what I wrote for one of the inside flaps of the dust jacket…

Whether it’s in the joy of becoming a mother, the palpable grief of losing a child, whether it’s the amazing feelings that accompany newfound love, the questions that surround times of insecurity and indecision, whether it’s in the daily grind of living life or the highs and lows on either end, whether it’s growing a victory garden during wartime or playing in the backyard fort in peaceful times, whether it’s in the hilarity of a moment with a child or the moments of stress and strain, women share bonds even across the generations. The women in this volume share more than similar experiences though, they share a family history that is marked by the loving and sovereign hand of the All Seeing God.

If you’d like to see what it looks like you can let me know in the comments and I’ll send you a link.

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