There are things I need to do before leaving this beautiful, lovely country which I’ve called home for the last seven years.  I mean things other than get the interior of the house painted, have carpets cleaned, have ducts cleaned, sell pieces of furniture, pack a bazillion books, pictures, decorations, etc.  We have seen so much beauty and truly loved our city.  Yes, winter is looooong and cold but Calgary is a beautiful place.  The Canadian Rockies are some of the most majestic mountains on the planet I believe.  There are some places that I must see for the first time or visit one last time before we move.  I don’t know that I’ll actually be able to pull them all off but it’s a wish-list anyway.

* We must get back out to Banff one more time to see those beautiful mountains again.

* We must see Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump before we move.  What is this you say?  It is a place where natives used to drive herds of buffalo over cliffs for easy killing.  One time a kid apparently stood just where the buffalo would land.  And well… he got his head smashed in.  We gotta visit that spot.

* I need to go back downtown and eat Shawarma again.  I must.  I love Shawarma Station.  They have the best Shawarma ever… even though I’ve never had Shawarma anywhere else.  Why go anywhere else?  You can’t improve on perfection.  Sam makes the best Shawarma ever.

* I need to eat at Pieter’s Drive-In one more time.

* We need to go sledding one more time.

* I need to do coffee with all of my girl friends, need to have everyone over, need to drink up every last bit of fellowship with these people who have been our people for the past seven years.

* Get the dogs out in the snow for a romp one more time.

* Need to take more snow pictures.

There are so many more things… I can’t really name them all let alone actually do them all.  I still can’t believe we are moving… and aren’t sure yet what is next still.  But there is something very calming about knowing we are being lead by the Holy Spirit in all His unpredictableness.

5 thoughts on “Things I need to do…

  1. I so miss a good Shawarma…and pretty much most of the things on your list. Don’t forget your last trip to Tim Horton’s for a breakfast sandwich or maple-iced donut – or to buy a bunch of cheesy Canadian t-shirts to remind you of your days there 🙂

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