Sometimes you know something is right and you are moving in that direction and are still somehow surprised when God confirms every step of the way that it is all in His good plan. That would be right now for us.

We have known for several weeks now that deciding to resign and head back to California was the right thing for us to do. We didn’t have a ton of blazing road signs that screamed at us or pointed which direction to go. We just prayed and sought wise counsel and prayed some more and took one step at a time. And while we are not the type to look for or expect blazing road signs we have received confirmations at every turn, however blazing they may or may not have been.

But yesterday we seem to have received one fairly blazing sign that we are indeed on the right path and that He is weaving this story we find ourselves in. All last week my husband and I worked our tails off getting this house ready to go on the market. We honestly worked 12-15 hour days (he doing so between other work-related responsibilities) to get the house in tip-top condition. We had meetings and appointments every day. We had painters here, furnace people here, carpet cleaners here, our realtor here, house stagers here… and we squeezed some dental appointments in there too just for good measure. Not that we need clean teeth to sell the house… but we really just needed to get to the dentist before we find ourselves without coverage!

So we studied nearby homes and the prices they were selling for, we set a goal date by which we were hoping to close and through many dangers, toils and snares we got the house perfectly ready and on the market for a Saturday open house. We had a total of 5 formal showings outside of the open house and yesterday we received and accepted an offer on the house with the closing date that we desired, just after 5 days on the market.

That seems like a somewhat blazing road sign to me even though we would have been content with faint lines on the road if that’s all He decided to give us.

There are a few conditions but they are not likely to present any problems so we are prayerful and hopeful that we won’t run into any snags before closing day. We pack up and will be heading across that border, saying goodbye to our adopted homeland for the last time (though I’m sure we will visit again!) on March 31st, probably feeling a little bit like Abraham must have felt when God called him out of Ur but didn’t tell him just where He was taking him yet.

We know our general destination and thankfully we have a welcoming family who will take us in for a few weeks while we get our bearings and find ourselves a place to live and you know… hopefully a job.

The minute I found out that we had an offer on the house I jumped up and hollered with excitement but a split second later there was the strange realization that this thing IS happening. We ARE moving. We WILL be packing our things up and saying goodbye to our home, our neighbours, our dear friends and the places where our children have made almost all of their early childhood memories… the place to which we brought babies home and shared meals with friends and explored mountains and lakes and waterfalls and grand hotels in the sky.

Why and how God works will forever be a mystery to me. So many things are changing. Not just for us. There are so many people for me to pray for. People here. People at home in California. Old friends and new friends, each facing journeys and burdens and decisions that will alter the courses of their lives. I don’t know why I happen to know so many people who are going through such big changes and challenges all at once but it makes me aware of how nothing but the goodness and favor of God is sure in this life and that goodness and favor has many different faces which we often would be tempted to consider to be something other than the providence of a Holy God.

Every chapter we open and close is a chapter that He has written and we are to simply trust and obey the author knowing that He has the ending just as well in-hand as He does the very beginning, not only of our stories but of all stories. And He is weaving them masterfully together as only the author of all authors could, as only the one who writes writers into His story could. We may look at this thing He is weaving and wonder at it, thinking it is looking unwieldy and much too colorful for our taste, but guaranteed, He will be pleased with the outcome and will cinch up the ends and tie everything off at the proper time and in the proper place and in the proper way. And we simply have to read along, pray, trust and obey.

Through all the loops and curves and stitches and alterations… Do it in your own way Lord, but make us into something beautiful.

9 thoughts on “We are just His sewing project…

  1. Nancy, this is going into book two. You write this in a style reminiscent of the Puritan prose. God is, indeed, guiding you in this journey and He will continue to create something beautiful with your lives.

  2. I KNEW IT…. the second you thought you were being all secretive…. I knew you were heading back “home”! long visits tend to do that to you…
    I am glad that you will be closer for me to visit ( when I go to CA at least) And even more excited to see whatelse God has in store for your family.
    Praying with you!

    Julie Coney’s last blog post..Sneaky Tears

  3. I have been reading about this journey, and as I often am, I am so amazed by your faith…congratulations on the quick sell. That is such a wonderful blessing. And confirmation! 🙂
    I like your analogy about sewing. Of course, there is always then the needle which pokes and pricks as it makes its way here and there, no? Thank you for your beautiful words and insight.

  4. I know I echo what others have said, but I will reiterate it anyway: your faith inspires, the journey through your thoughts inspires,and I am so grateful God brought me here to have you witness to me, whether you realize it or not! He also brought me here, I am sure, as part of my lessons of prayer. I know you’ll get (get?) insanely busy very soon, but I hope you manage to give us an update now and again on your progress!

    Prayerfully yours,

    Trish 🙂

  5. What a journey of faith. God has you securely, sounds like you know it, too. Hold onto your confirmations when circumstances don’t seem what you imagined they ought to be. Blessings!!

    Rita’s last blog post..Uplifted

  6. Hi Nan!
    Congrats on selling your house so fast! I’m sure you’re going through so many different emotions now that you’re officially leaving. Will be praying for your guys as you decide what the next step will be in CA. So exciting for you to be near your family & be back in the states!

  7. that was fast.
    we’ve lived in this house for 32 years. I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived all other places combined. It would be hard for me.

    I can’t wait to hear what presents itself next

    Pamela’s last blog post..Traveling moments

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