He didn’t really stand a chance.  Lizards are not made to withstand a blow from a wooden sword wielded by a crazed 8 year old boy.


His life as a pet was short.


He was innocently scurrying along through our backyard when all of a sudden…




I’m pretty sure he was partially paralyzed with some internal bleeding.


Perhaps it’s just a boy thing to first whack a creature and then try to feed it flies.  And name it Gordon.


And then to be sad when he expires just a few minutes after being whacked and then coined a pet and named Gordon.


And douse it with water thinking that might make things better.


And then ask if you can bury it.

“No.  Throw it over the fence and a bird will eat it.  It’s the circle of life man.  Don’t get in the way.”

Gordon was replaced by Gordon Jr. within the hour.  No wooden swords were used in the apprehension of Gordon Jr.  I think the lizard lovers have learned their lesson the hard way with Gordon Sr.

And now here is a flower to help you feel less gross if you hate lizards as much as I do.

purple flower

And another flower.


And a wasp.


The end.

4 thoughts on “Poor Gordon

  1. Poor Gordon. Such a plain top, such a beautiful belly. And the only way you could know he had a beautiful belly was to whack him with a wooden sword. Loved the “throw if over the fence” line. Now, if they can just eliminate the yellow jackets in such an efficient manner.

  2. Yes, poor Gordon. Although I feel no great love for lizards. They used to break into our house in Florida and poop on my freestanding bookshelf that housed some of my kitchen bowls and other fun things.
    So, thank you for the flowers. 🙂

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