Our town has a rodeo parade every year and we got to go this year.  My kids have never been to a parade.  Hard to believe since we lived a few miles from the biggest annual parade in Canada, the Stampede Parade.  But alas, the only time we went to a Stampede Parade we had some cushy seats in a high rise above so it sort of felt like watching the parade on t.v. anyway.  This was a nice hometown parade.  The kids sat right on the curb just a few feet away from the action.  And we parked about a three minute walk from our prime spots on the sidewalk.  You really can’t do that at the Stampede Parade either.

And to make it even better we used our Starbucks cards (courtesy of our last Canadian Airmiles reward points) to purchase some sustaining beverages.


The parade was running about 15 minutes late….


But it got underway soon enough.


I love work horse hooves.  The sound of the clopping is so lovely.



My boys are huge fans of the Alameda County Fire Department, thanks to a little show called Mythbusters.  The Alameda County Fire Department is right up there with Jerry Mathers on their fame scale.

ACFD big fans


They were cheering loudly.

boys ACFD

Is this automobile not gorgeous?  Why yes, it is.



I love the prancing dancing Andalusian stallions.  They are so beautiful.  I want a horse.





(click on any of these pictures to see them larger… they look better in the larger format that you can see over on Flickr.)


I love this mane.  I had a hair day like that today.  It looks dramatic on a horse.  And pretty darn awful on a human head.


Can’t decide if I like it in full color or in vintage style better…

and5 vintage


Which do you prefer?

and4 vintage

These horses really all behaved rather nicely for the photographer, moi.  Look, they even smile when you tell them to say cheese!

horsey smile

Just kidding.  He didn’t smile.  He was actually just asking me if he had anything stuck in his teeth.

No, buddy… you’re fine… All things being relative.

2 thoughts on “A Parade

  1. Oh my goodness, Nan! This is so great! What fun to see our hometown like this. I am so embarrassed to admit that, although we live five minutes away, we have never been to this parade! Next year! And I think that last picture and the comments about it are hysterical.

  2. I didn’t know we had parades like that. How fun and civic! As for the “sepia” pics v. color pics, I think the color ones are more visually arresting because of the stark contrasts–bright blue sky, white horse, green trees. But the sepia ones are great for that aged, western, historical look. I love how the movement of the hair on the horse is caught in mid-air–you can really feel the prancing motion. And that last picture you caught is hilarious. Great pics!

    Christina Chung’s last blog post..Preggo? No Preggo?

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